Love affair part four

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Created by: sprinkles
  1. listen i only did two results so i can finalize the quiz faster k?
  2. Some girls were asking about what happened in there.You kept saying that you to just talked,but they don't believe you.
  3. ****** when the party was done,nathan drove you home.He also walked yoou to your front door.Then he said "bye _____.Cya next week."you wave bye and he gives you a quick kiss.
  4. You got straight into your bed and just about to go to sleep when your phone rang.It was Bryan."hey bryan what do you want?""Sorry ____,i just wanted to ask you.....umm do you want to come over my house?tommorrow?""sure,why not.see you tommorrow.bye.""bye."then you went to sleep.
  5. okay,you wake up the next morning and get dressed in what(just to let you know,Bryan lives across from you.)
  6. You tell your mom your going to a friends house and she said ok.You walk across the street and knock on the door.Two minutes later somebody opens the door,its his mom."Hello who are you?""I am ____,a friend of Bryan's,may i come in?""sure.""Bryan is in his room,you can go,its upstairs.Tell him that i am going to work now.""ok."
  7. You go upstairs and see his room door closed,so you knock,you don't here anything so you go in.You think'why did i come in'.Cause you see Bryan putting his clothes on and he isn't wearing anything.You quickly close the door and say"sorry Bryan i didn't mean to."You go to the closest room and sit on the bed.You cover your face with your hands and cry.Then you here footsteps and somebody comes in, you peek between your fingers and realize,its Bryan."Look Bryan,i am very sorry about the incident.Your mother didn't tell me you were getting dressed.Oh she said she is going to work.But i am truly sorry."
  8. "Its okay,but did you enjoy the show?""maybe i did maybe i didn't""I will take that as a yes,tag your it"he says."no fair!"you say as your about to get him.You got him and you run into his room and jump on his bed."I got you now,_____!""nuhuh!"you say and lay down and pretend your sleeping.He gets on top of you and you realize he took off his shirt and closed the door."Look ______,I always wanted to do this."You look at him and sit up to realize that its like he's sitting on your lap.You kiss him and he pushes you back on the pillow and his hands go behind your back and gets tangled in your hair.Before you can do anything else you hear a scream and you see his mom standing in the doorway screaming."Ahhhhhhh,Bryan what are you doing.______,is your friend isn't she?""yes""what are you doing if your friends?Bryan your shirt is off and it looks like _____ needs to go fix something."You walk to the bathroom and you see somebody following you.It is......
  9. his mom."______,what did you two do and do you want to eat dinner here?
  10. "I can't tell you what happened but i would love to eat dinner here."You close the door and fix your bra because he unclipped it and you fixed your hair.When you were fixing your bra somebody came in.'i think it was revenge cause it was Bryan."So sorry i didn't mean to well it is revenge."You get out the bathroom and have dinner.You have to leave so Bryan walks you home.Anyway,bye Bryan see you at school."
  11. CLIFFHANGER.....rate and comment

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