Love affair part two

Hey,hola look i am new to the quiz series so cut me some slack.Anyway i hope you like it! Bye!Oh,thanks to Remysfault,cheese1234,and pieiscool1 for commenting first.

BRYAN-Brown hair and eyes NATHAN-Dark brown hair and hazel eyes RYAN-Pitch black hair and icy blue eyes JUSTIN-Dirty blonde hair and emerald green eyes!Enjoy the quiz!

Created by: sprinkles

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  1. Once class was over you walked up to Justin and said"hey,look Justin sorry for what i said,you should next time tell me you have a girlfriend,mean like the note was like a death note!"You two start laughing and Justin said"Look i am sorry for not telling you.You could watch me breakup with her?"I rather not."You find your 3rd period class and say your goodbyes and head off in different directions.When you sit down your in the back of the class so you could still talk and not get caught.You realize that Ryan was in the seat in beside you.Every time when you put your head down and work or stare in his direction he smiles at you.By the time class was done it was time for lunch what do you have?
  2. Okay so school went by fast and your driving home when you see a familiar guy arguing with a girl.You realize it was Justin breaking up with his girlfriend Stacey!You get out and say"Look guys....and girls stop fighting.If Justin wants to breakup with you,Stacey then go find another guy!"You!Just stay out of my life_____!No wonder you don't have alot of friends,cause a secret!"Your such a liar,Stacey a big fat B**** at that point!"you say.
  3. "Ladies,ladies i only like one girl here."he flashes you a smile and frowns at her."Ha!"you say.She screams"you would rather date that chum instead of me"?you cry and drive home.You get in your house and watch tv.You here a knock on the door,and you open it,who is it?
  4. It is Justin."Look i am sorry about what happened just now,but i want to ask you something,do you wanna go out with me?Tonight."Sure i will love to."pick you up at 7:00."Bye Justin.
  5. What do you wear
  6. When your about to open the door,you see Justin in front of you."Hi _____,you look great tonight"."Your not bad yourself".You realize that he has a hand behind his back what is it?
  7. "A rose thanks Justin".You two head into the car and drive to the movie theater,what movie do you watch?
  8. During the movie Justin did the yawn movie and leaned in and you did to.Next thing you know you two are kissing.Like a soft kiss.What are you thinking?
  9. When your done,you continue watching the movie.When the movie was done it was already 8:00.He then drives you out to eat.What do you order?
  10. When you guys finished he dropped you off and before you got in he pulled your arm and kissed you."bye _____".You wave bye and get ready for bed.You wake up to your phone ringing,it is Ryan!"hey Ryan how did you get my number?"i know people,so do you wanna hangout today?"Sure!"meet me at...12:00 in the park.Ok, say.
  11. Cliffhanger!Rate and Comment?Pwetty Pwease!

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