Weak or Strong.

What kind of person are you? Weak or Strong? How far are you willing to go to help others? How smart are you when you decide to help? Would you put the needs of the many ahead of the interests of yourself?

What kind of person are you? Weak or Strong? Do you know that sometimes you've got to get involved? Or do you only feel the need to look out for yourself? Perhaps the issues of the world at large are their own problems, you're just happy the problems aren't yours?

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You walk into a coffee shop and while approaching the counter you clearly hear a group of people "bad mouthing" Our country in a rather harsh and demining way. As you walk past their table You spot tourist brocures printed in a foreign language. What woul
Stop and tell the foreigners to get out or shut up if they wanted to make it home alive!
Stop and warn them that such talk could land them in trouble,
Slow down as you pass them and ask them to be a bit more tactful in future because you love your country and would'ent think of being disrespectful if our roles were reversed.
Walk past and comment casualy as if too yourself on the inconsideraste nature of tourists.
Go on about your day as though nothing had been said.
Turn straight around and out of the shop inorder to avoid a possible confrontation.
While walking downtown you cut down an open alley as a short cut to your destination. At just before the alleys center point you become aware of what sounds like a womans muffled cry and the sound of an angry whisper. As you reach the end of a dumpster yo
Without speaking a word you step quickly foreward and with a straight kick to the side of the young mans knee which shatters. Yet even as you moved to strike the kick you decide that this rich boy will learn to respect women right then and there through a
You move defensively foreward and push the young man quickly off and away from the young woman. you then dial 911 on your cell, while still keeping yourself between the young man and the poor young woman. You are also sure to tell the punk that if hes go
You yell at the man to stop and let the girl go before dialing 911 and demanding police assistance.
You see the man holding the woman agianst the wall and decide that its none of your business. You not only do nothing to help the young woman, but you can't help but wonder what would happen in the alley now that the young folks were left alone?
You're the father of a family of four including you. You, your wife, your 16 year old daughter, and your 14 year old son. You are awakened in th middle of the night by a scream from somewhere in your house. You can smell and see not only smoke but the ini
First you seek your wife, second your daughter, and third your son?
First you seek your daughter, second your son, and third your wife?
First you seek your son, second your daughter,and third your wife?
First you seek your wife, second your son, and third your daughter?
Would you escape yourself and run to your neighbor to call for help?
You are standing in line at the bank when four armed men enter and announce that they are robbing the bank. The robbers order everyone to lay on the floor. No sooner than everyone is down, when sirens sound out side and two of the robbers go to and start
Stay down and try not to attract attention?
Rise quietly and attempt to overpower the nearest robber and steal his gun?
Wait until the robbers decide to take a hostage and voulnteer to be the hostage in order to save someone else from the risk?
You are jogging through the city park in midwinter. As you approach the frozen pond you see two kids playing on the ice. As you reach the shore one of the kids falls through the ice and into the freezing water. The other kid runs to you in a panic. You ta
Call for help? Then haed onto the ice after the fallen child?
Dial 911 and hand the phone to the boy with instructions on what to tell the operator, and then head unto the ice after th fallen child?
Head straight unto the ice after the fallen boy?
Call for help and wait for the authorites to arrive?
Give the phone to the boy and head unto the ice after the fallen boy?
Keep on jogging as if you hadd'ent seen what had happened in order to stay out of the incident?
While on your way home from work you see a police officer wrestling with two men on the side of the road. What do you do?
Run to the officers aid and attempt to detain one of the men the officer is wrestling?
Call 911 and tell them what is happening?
Call 911 inform them of the situation, and the run to assist the officer with one of his assalliants?
Approach the officer and ask him what you should do?
Call 911 inform them, then ask the officer what to do?
Keep driving with faith the the officers backup will be there any second?
You are in the drive up lane at the bank getting some cash. The teller sends you back your money but he sent an extra 100 and didd'ent charge you account for it. What will you do?
Page the teller and give him back the extra 100?
Keep the money and go about your business?
Keep the money and donate it to your favorite charity?
While driving home on a cold and rainy night, you see a woman attempting to change her tire. What are you going to do?
Pull over and offer the woman a ride?
Pull over and offer to change the tire for her?
Roll your window down and yell "you should have gotten AAA' before driving away?
Call the police and repot the womans trouble while on your way home?
How do you see yourself reacting to dangerous, inconvenient, or offensive situations?
Do you take charge and leap in to do what you think is right?
Do you stop assess the situation and then take the best course of action you can think of?
Do you hope for the best and only involve yourself to a safe point?
Do you remain in the shadows only acting if there is no other choice?
Do you leave the world to its own problems because you've got enough problems of your own?
Do you slow down and watch the situation from a safe distance?
In your world what are you willing to do to make the world a better place?
Whatever it takes?
Anything within reason?
As much as you safely can?
Would you standby and hope all ends well?
Or would you let the world rot along with everyone on it?
Or would you stand back laughing silenting at the problems and misfortunes, glad that it didd'ent happen to you?

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