How strong are you?

Till now, you probably wondered: "am I strong, like everyone thinks" or "am I weak, like everyone thinks" or something other. Well, in few minutes, this quiz will answer the question for you.

Are you strong? Do you want to know what you need to do to be strong? Find out by taking this quiz. Do not be insulted of what is written in the results. Just try to change that.

Created by: henry13
  1. How often do you exercise (at home)?
  2. How often do you play sports outside?
  3. Drop to the floor and do push-ups. Do as many as you can. When you feel tired, stop. How many push-ups did you do?
  4. How often do you eat junk food (chips, candy, soda, etc.)?
  5. Do you go to a fitness center to work out?
  6. If your friends would invite you to play a sport with them, you would
  7. Once you've woken up from your bed in the morning, you:
  8. For breakfast, you usually eat:
  9. How often do you get sick?
  10. Try to play arm wrestling with your friend who exercises often and eats healthy food. Who wins?
  11. How long daily do you sit using this computer?
  12. Now that you've taken this quiz, will you try to attempt to exercise more and eat healthy?

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Quiz topic: How strong am I?