Enchanted Love 1 The Encounter

All right, here's the deal. Enchanted Love is a story, where you play a female character and make the discoveries that you will see below. Along with these discoveries, you will meet several boys. One of which you are very compatible with.

Basically it's a love story. I haven't done any of these in quite some time, so I might need some getting into again. Please don't mind any poor description or the like.

Created by: Skydragon

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  1. It's a normal day, and you have decided to walk your dog Moon to the park. The dog is a husky, and strange enough she grew up with you; surpassing the maximum age for most dogs of her kind. As you pace with the being into the beautiful park, you notice the location isn't empty. There are several other people; including a group of four boys of your age.
  2. You don't particularly know them, but they go to your school. You are surprised to see that with the four boys are four husky dogs. It surprises you, though it seems to make Moon happy. As most owners do, you unhook the leash off of Moon's collar, and allow her to run free. As you watch her trot towards the other dogs, you sit down on a bench. From the corner of your eye, you see the boys coming towards you.
  3. The boy at the head of the others has chocolate brown hair and enchanting hazel eyes. He smiles warmly at you. "Need some company?" he asks. Realizing he forgot to introduce himself, he adds, "I'm David."
  4. Despite what you wanted to answer, you are cut off by one of the other boys. He has dirty blonde hair, and gorgeous blue eyes. "We saw you all alone here, and thought we should come over and have a chat."
  5. The third boy smiles somewhat shyly. "Maybe seeing as the dogs enjoy each other's company, we may as well do the same." he answers. He is less outspoken than the others around him it seems, and his golden eyes are rather hidden beneath his shining black bangs.
  6. The last boy chuckles. "You three are way too suck up, hmm?" he comments. He has ebony colored hair with red streaks in it and rather dazzling nearly black eyes. "We didn't come here for a chat, why not just tell her?" he suggests while shrugging.
  7. The first boy, David laughs somewhat sheepishly. "Yeah, I'm sorry, ____ isn't it?" he mumbles a reply, while rolling his eyes in shame. "Well, as you know, I'm David, these are Michael, Avon and Ryan." he begins introductions. He points from himself to the dirty blonde haired, to the black haired and finally to the multi-colored ebony haired boy.
  8. David coughs; politely covering his mouth with his hand. "As Ryan pointed out, we didn't actually come to have a chat. There's something we have to tell you. It involves your history. Have you never wondered?" he begins.
  9. You shrug plainly. Michael now speaks. "Don't you ever wonder about Moon and her incredible age?" he asks. You can but stare at him. "How do you know her age and her name?" you stammer in complete confusion.
  10. Michael laughs. "That dog wasn't given to you by your parents, or actually, by who you believe to be your parents. They aren't really-" but he is cut off by David's stern glare. "Let's take it easy, shall we? One step at a time please." he says sharply.
  11. Ryan sighs. "You two..." he mumbles. "____, how about we treat you to dinner and tell you all that you need to know while we eat?" he offers. "After all, Avon is an amazing cook."
  12. "Sounds good." you decide. In several minutes you have caught Moon again, and along with the boys and their dogs you walk with them across the street. They have decided it is best they take you to their house, so they can't be overheard when telling you everything. You eventually arrive in one of the wealthier streets of the city, where you enter a large courtyard with a path leading to an enormous mansion. As you walk along, you glance from left to right at the beautiful flowers, trees, bushes and trickling founts and the like. Upon coming closer to the house, you note the beautiful architecture of the building.
  13. When entering the house, you notice it is empty. There are no other employees nor parents or other animals. The boys release their dogs, and allow you to do the same. Moon seems all right with it, and she trots along with the other dogs. While Avon departs to the kitchen, David and Ryan take you to the dining hall. Michael claimed he would be there soon, yet he had to fetch something. The other boys understand exactly what he means.
  14. The dining hall is large, and has huge windows at one side. The ceiling is high, and there are multiple chandeliers hanging from the ceiling which is decorated with many small, colorful stones. On the many walls there are paintings that reach from the floor to the ceiling. The dining table is already set; as if the guests were already being expected. The china is of the finest material, and there are candles on the table.
  15. David offers you to sit at the head of the table, since dinner is almost ready. While you sit and wait, Ryan and David each sit at one side of you. But they don't speak, and it is completely silent.
  16. Soon, Michael enters as well, with a round, transparent object in his hands. He sets it down at the other end of the dinner table, and sits down beside Ryan. Still, there is simply silence. Then Avon enters with several trays with steamy soup, meat for those who'd enjoy this, salads, potatoes and other tasty goods. The atmosphere soon changes, as everyone enjoys the meal, and the boys have small talk. Since you hardly know them, you remain silent.
  17. After dessert, the boys clean up all together. You offer to assist them, but they deny this. When everything is cleaned up, the boys reseat them with you. You are offered some tea, and while you are all enjoying a drink, the boys seem to become more serious. "Where do we start?" asks Michael.
  18. David smiles lightly. "How about we tell her the entire story? Starting at the home land?" he suggests, and the boys come to an agreement. David starts. "I am sure you'll feel very confused when hearing everything we'll tell you, but we can prove it all to you after we tell you the entire story." Then he takes a breath and starts the entire telling. "The world you live in; the world of humans, is not where you actually belong. You weren't born here either. You were born in a distant world ruled by what humans would call elves. That whole distant world is called Leavine. It is a beautiful place where we respect nature and all living beings around her."
  19. "Before you were born, a war began to rage. With whom, you may ask? All elves in Leavine are born with a magical power. But there was one girl who wasn't born this way, and she was without powers. She was made an outcast. She became rather evil because of the way she had been treated. One way or another, she managed to capture the loyalty of many of the beings that Leavine's forests contain. Using the power of her comrades, she would destroy the most powerful beings of the world, and drain their powers so to become stronger than any other elves."
  20. For a moment the boys pause, and exchange glances, then turn all their eyes to you. Michael speaks. "_____, you are the one this girl swore to kill, and that is why your parents brought you to another world to be raised in safety so she couldn't find you. Your true parents are the king and queen of Leavine; thus you are the princess."
  21. You stare back at them all in complete awe. "I'm... Leavine's princess? No, no, you must be mistaking me for someone else. This is just ridiculous." you manage to stammer. But Ryan shakes his head. "You were raised by your human parents, as they found you outside of their house. We were the ones who placed you there, _____. We were sent as your guardians; to ensure your safety in this world. We are the ones your father and mother appointed to ensure you would one day learn of your true origin. They had told us that day would be when Leavine's king and queen have both died or were murdered. This has happened. The girl that is out to kill you, harassed your parents into telling her, but they didn't tell her, and thus she killed them." he explains.
  22. The boys exchange glances once more, and now Avon speaks. "Now is the day that we are to teach you of controlling your powers, and thus we have to escort you back home, so you can defeat your enemy; Thedara, and rule your people eventually." But you still can't believe everything they have said, and you simply stare at them all. "That's insane, I can't run a country. And besides, how come I never discovered my powers before? And what about Moon?" you manage to ask.
  23. Michael nods. "How about you ask Moon herself? But first, we will prove to you that this is true." he ensures you. And while you wonder about his words, he gets up to pick up the transparent, round object he had brought. He sets it down in front of you. "Place one of your hands atop it." he instructs, while standing beside you. You hesitate, but you eventually place your right hand on top of the round object. It feels warm beneath your touch, and it feels like the object has a mind of its own. It slightly scares you, but at the same time, you feel a pleasant energy flowing from the object into your body. Now Michael points to one of the paintings at the other end of the room. "Concentrate on the image of that man." he instructs you.
  24. You do as he says, and stare over the round object at the painting. You take in the entire image of the man. He isn't very young; grey-haired with the same eye color as you have. His face is pleasant and his eyes contain a tender gaze. Suddenly you are struck by fear, as you see him move. The image in the painting seems to move for a moment. You are almost unsure if it was your imagination, but when you attempt to stare again, your heart skips a beat, as you see the man's face represented in the round object upon which your hand is placed.
  25. You seem not to hear anything around you anymore, and now your stare at the image in the object with awe. The man you see speaks. "Hello princess ____." he begins, "If you are seeing this, then I am sorry, but I have passed away. And thus I am leaving the entire land to your rule. I am sure that your honorable knights have explained the entire tale of your history. I can understand if you are confused or insecure, but beware that you won't be alone on this journey. I know that you may wonder why exactly you should assist this place called Leavine, as you weren't raised with a love for it. But be sure of it, _____, if you don't save this land from Thedara, you will be in great danger. Despite her lack of powers, she can find a way to travel between dimensions like we did with you. You are in danger, princess _____, and you have to stand up for yourself. Only you are strong enough to defeat her now that all the other magical beings are within her rule. You must hurry home and defeat her. It is for your own safety, daughter. It is all I want for you. Your mother and I love you unbelievably much, and that is why we had to send you away long ago. We're sorry for this, and hope you can forgive. Now farewell, _____."
  26. For several seconds, there's nothing but silence, and you remain staring at the round object that has now returned to its normal state; its energy gone as well. You then remove your hand, and take a deep breath. You notice the gazes of the boys lingered on you. "Princess, will you do as your father asks of you?" Ryan asks carefully.
  27. Finally you nod. His words had seemed so real, and the energy that you had felt flow from the object could not have been a dream. You are convinced that this isn't a lie, and that the boys are actually telling the truth. As you are caught in these thoughts, Moon bounds in. She sits down beside her, and you regain more consioucsness of that which is around you. Moon looks up at you with her beautiful eyes. "I'm sorry, princess _____. I wasn't allowed to tell you of my true form before. I am a Gale Wolf. We are basically an elf's other half, and I am your other half. I can see what you can see, and hear what you can hear. I am basically your other half in a different body." she speaks in a sweet, soft voice. You lay a hand carefully on her hand. Everything begins to seem normal now; strange enough. "It's all right, Moon, if that is even your name." But Moon seems to smile in reply.
  28. David chuckles. "We'll depart tomorrow. I suggest we all get some sleep. Don't worry about your human parents. We'll arrange that. Now you should also get some sleep. Avon, show her to her room." he offers.
  29. As you, Moon and Avon pass through the many halls of the huge building, you are all silent. Avon stops at two large double-doors. He opens one, and lets you and Moon in. "Here you are." he says softly. Inside is are several rooms. One is more or less a lounge location with couches, a television, a computer and several other furniture. To the left is a large bathroom, and to the right a bedroom. The rooms are luxurious and beautifully decorated. "I'll leave you to be, now." says Avon, before departing with another word. He closes the door behind you, and your eyes trail through the room. The furniture is mostly lightly colored. The walls are a warm red and the floors are of chocolate brown.
  30. You soon find that there is even a closet full of beautiful clothes. You select a beautiful night gown of your favorite color, and go to take a shower. Soon after, you daze off into a wonderful sleep on a very comfortable bed. Who knows what tomorrow will bring...
  31. That's all for now! Come back for part 2!

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