Would you survive a Ghsotly encounter?

Have you ever wondred what would happen if you had a ghostly encounter? Well let's find out Can you beat your friends scores? Or will you be pathetic and get possesed?

Are you prepared to take on a ghost if you are then how do you really know? Take this quiz and we'll see. Do you really know a lot about ghosts? Well this quiz answers that to.... Or I know nothing.

Created by: Joel
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  1. Your're investagating an old mansion and one of your partners have dissapeared. You...
  2. Your family member has just died and he left a chest to you that has a note that reads "Do not open"
  3. Do you get scared easisly?
  4. If you were on a train and there was only you and some other guy in your room and his eyes were red would you...
  5. What would be your ghost fighting weapon?
  6. If you saw a cult in a graveyard trying to raise demons would you....
  7. What do ghosts look like?
  8. A old man warns you not to spend the night in the house your staying in.
  9. Are ghosts evil?
  10. If you suspect your brother of being possesed what do you do?

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