Elemental Love part 6

Hey guys! Sorry it took so long to get this one out. I had a big English project due and I've got midterms coming up. And I'm trying out for basketball. So I'll try and get part 7 (it feels so good to say,er, write that) as soon as I can. Oh and I put a big scene with Sean in this one just for chesse1234. Thanks a million for all of you who have been bearing with me while I take forever to get these quizzes out. Please leave comments. I love reading comments. So until next quiz... adios!

Okay so we left off where you are about to meet the royal family of Makia. Who do your eyes land on? what will happen after this? You won't know unless you read the story so go and read! Oh and sorry if the answers seem a little rushed. Not many count and my sisters been preshering me to get this out so. Hope you like!

Created by: _celloplayer_
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  1. You walked in the room flanked be the guys. Your eyes landed on the prince. Your heart pounded. He was tan with golden eyes. He had a strong but gentle looking face, and it looked like he was tall. He had black hair and he looked strong. He looked about 18 like the guys. Basically he was gorgeous. As soon as he saw you, his eyes got wide. You reached the place where you were supposed to bow. You kneeled down following Regan’s lead. An announcer said “May I present Lady ____ ______, prodigy of the great goddess Nia, and her protectors Lord Rob Hallsworth, prodigy of B.W.; Lord Regan Lester prodigy of F.F.; Lord Sean Kale prodigy of S.W.; Lord Randy Browster prodigy of M.E.; and Lord Tim Nomad prodigy of B.W.” You bowed your head and waited for the King to tell you to rise. When he finally did you took the time to study him. He looked a lot like his son, but he was shorter and had brown eyes not golden. The queen was paler than her husband and son, but she brown eyes and brown hair. You looked at the prince again. This time you noticed a woman at his side. It was… “SARAH?! What are you doing here?!” You shouted. She winked and said “We’ll talk later.” You nodded and turned back to the king.
  2. “Thank you for having us,” you said to the King. “It’s an honor to be here.” “Is it true?” Kygo asked suddenly. “Is what true?” you asked back confused. “Is it true that you’re Nia’s prodigy?” “Kygo!” Queen Isra said shocked. “That’s not something you should ask!” You smiled and said “It’s okay, your highness. I don’t mind. I’ve been asked that many times.” To King Jose you said “If it’s alright with you, I will give you a quick demonstration.” He said eagerly “Please do”. You stepped back a little bit and brought your hands up, palms up. Keeping your eyes on the prince you created a ball of fire, and a ball of water. You put your hands down and made a gentle wind blow through the room. Then you held your hand out and created a flower. Holding it in your hand you walked forward and held it out to the queen. “A gift for you, your highness,” you said. Queen Isra smiled and took it thanking you. You stepped back into place, your hands shaking a little bit. The guys saw this and raised eyebrows at each other
  3. King Jose, Queen Isra, Prince Kygo and Sarah clapped. “Wonderful,” Queen Isra said. “It will be a joy having you here,” King Jose said. “Everything we have here is at your disposal. If you need anything please don’t hesitate to ask.” Rob stepped forward. “Do you have a training area? My friends and I like to keep in shape,” he said. “Yes, we also have weapons and instructors that are masters in everything you can think of. You are welcome to them and the masters are always willing to help,” he replied. By now the shaking had moved up to your arms. “Thank you, we appreciate your hospitality,” Rob said stepping back into place. Your legs started to shake. “Will you join us for lunch,” Prince Kygo asked. “We’d be happy too,” you replied. At the same time you tried to stop shaking but it wasn’t working. Randy and Sean stepped closer to you, tensed up ready to catch you if you started to fall. Sarah gave you a worried look and mouthed ‘Are you okay?’ “Are you alright?” Queen Isra asked. “I’m fine, just a little tired from last night’s trip,” you replied with a weak smile. Finally your shaking legs couldn’t hold you anymore and you collapsed. “________!” Sarah shouted and stood up; Kygo stopped her by placing his hand on her arm. She sat down. Randy and Sean caught you before you hit the floor and gently lowered you to the floor. Tim, Rob and Regan gathered around you. You sat on the floor and assured the guys that you were all right. Regan knelt in front of you and took your face in his hands. He looked into your eyes and scanned your face. “You’re so pale,” he said. “And your eyes are tired. They have bags under them. You need to rest,” he concluded standing up and facing the royal family. While the other guys helped you stand he spoke. “If you’ll please excuse us, we need to take ______ back to her room to rest.” “Not at all, do what you must,” King Jose replied. “Regan, I’m fine,” you said weakly. You were being supported by Randy and Sean. “No you’re not. You’re drained and you need to sleep,” Regan said sternly. You didn’t have the strength to argue. He, Rob and Tim bowed. Randy and Sean bowed the best they could while keeping a firm hand on your arms. You just bowed your head. The guys stood you turned to walk out. You took a step and nearly collapsed again. Regan scooped you into his arms and carried you out. Over his shoulder you called “We’ll see you at lunch!” They waved. The doors closed and you laid your head on Regan’s shoulder.
  4. The guys took you to your room and put you in your bed. “But guys I’m not tired,” you complained, fighting a yawn but lost. “Oh yes you are. You’re weak from what happened with the King of Darkness yesterday. Now get some rest,” Sean said stroking your hair. You sighed and closed your eyes stretching out under the covers. You felt each of the guys give you a kiss on the head, and leave the room. When you heard the door click closed you lay there thinking about dragons (I know random) and you fell asleep in 5 seconds.
  5. *The guys* “Well what should we do now?” Tim asked. “We can’t exactly leave her unattended.” “How about one or two of us stay here outside the door while the rest of us go train,” Randy suggested. “I mean there’s no reason for all of us to be here.” “You’re right. We’ll take shifts. Only one of us should stay here to keep watch,” Sean said. “Why only one of us?” Rob asked. “Shouldn’t there be two?” “I don’t see why we need to have two. We are surrounded by other guards. She isn’t in any immediate danger,” Regan piped up. They were silent a moment, looking around at the guards who patrolled the halls. “So who wants to take the first shift?” Regan asked. “I will,” Sean said sitting down across from the door closing the conversation. The others shrugged and asked directions to the training area. Everything was peaceful and Sean’s shift passed without any excitement. Regan took the next shift and again nothing happened. The others came when Regan’s shift was over. They debated on waking you up to have lunch. They eventually just decided to let you sleep. Randy sat down and the others walked off to shower quickly and then headed off to lunch. They walked in and the Royal Family was already there. They bowed and took their seats. “Where are Lady ____ and Lord Randy?” King Jose asked. “______ is still asleep and we didn’t want to wake her. Randy is keeping watch,” Regan responded. Sarah leaned across the table and placed her hand on Rob’s to get his attention. “Is she okay?” she whispered. “She’s fine, just worn out,” he reassured her placing his hand on top of hers. “What’s wrong with ______?” Jake asked as he walked in. “She got a little tired from the trip,” Sean said as Rob stood up to greet Jake. Jake did the Mr. Spock eyebrow at Sarah, (For those of you who don’t know he raised one eyebrow. Sorry my mom is a Star Trek fan and I just couldn’t resist). They stared at each other as Jake sat down next to Rob. They didn’t talk as the food was served and conversations started up. Finally Tim got fed up with it and said “Why are you two staring at each other?!” Rob elbowed him in the side and said “They’re communicating telepathically. It’s a triplet thing.” Sarah turned her stare into a glare as she faced him. “We communicating aren't telepathically, we’re just thinking about the same thing,” she growled. “What are you thinking about?” Kygo asked. “We’re thinking about our sister. We’re worried about her,” Jake answered.
  6. “I’m curious,” King Jose piped up. “The way she acted, it was as if something else besides just traveling happened.” The guys looked at their plates suddenly very interested in their food. Sarah sat back and crossed her arms. “Alright, something’s up. Come on, spit it out,” she said. “Well there might have been a little incident, nothing too serious,” Regan said nervously. Suddenly Regan was out of his chair and Jake had his hands around his neck, fury burning in his eyes. “What happened?” he growled squeezing Regan’s neck. “You’re supposed to be her protectors! And you let her get hurt!!!” “We didn’t want it to happen!” Regan gasped. “We did everything we could! There was nothing we could do!” “Jake let him go,” Sarah said calmly, quietly and firmly. “It’s not their fault. If they could go back and fix it they would. You haven’t seen them around her. They care very much for her. Now put him done before you kill him. Don’t make me make you put him down.” Jake quickly placed Regan back on the ground and released him. He took a few steps back and took some calming breaths. “Sorry about that man, I have some temper problems when it comes to my family,” Jake apologized sheepishly. Regan waved his apology off while getting his breath back. “If the positions were switched I would have done the same thing. If you will sit down we’ll tell you what happened.” Jake sat down next to Sarah. “It’s alright to tell them, right?” Sean asked. “Oh yeah,” Rob answered. “_____ would of told them eventually.” He turned back to the Royal Family and your siblings. “Okay here’s what happened…”
  7. So Rob told them what happened with Regan, Sean, Randy and Tim inputting things that he forgot. By the time lunch was finished they had finished. “Well we’d better get back to her and see if she’s awake,” Tim said. They said goodbye to your brother and sister and to the royal family. *You* You slowly awoke from your deep, healing sleep. You yawned and stretched. You blinked your eyes open as you sat up. You spotted a set of clothes. You put them on and redid your braid. You glanced at yourself in the mirror and nodded in satisfaction. You opened the door and screamed. Randy leaped to his feet and the other four guys came barreling around the corner. “What’s wrong?! What happened?!” they shouted. You had one hand on your chest trying to slow down your heart beat and the other on the door frame. “Nothing’s wrong,” you told them. “I just didn’t expect to see Randy sitting outside my door and he startled me, that’s all.” “Well we couldn’t leave you alone, could we?” Randy asked walking over to you and wrapping an arm around your waist. He kissed your cheek before letting you go. “I suppose not,” you said thoughtfully. “So now that I’m wide awake, how do you boys feel about training?” They looked at you warily. “Are you sure ________?” Regan asked. “You just slept for almost 4 hours straight; don’t you want to rest a little more?” Sean asked. You put your hands on your hips. “Yes I’m sure. I need to exercise. If you don’t want to train, then you don’t have to and I’ll work out by myself. But I need to get up and get moving.” The guys shrugged and lead you to the training area.
  8. When you got to the training area, one of the masters was teaching a student and they were sword fighting. You and the guys watched them for a few minutes. Their moves were graceful and fluid. It wasn’t long before the master disarmed the student. That ended the fight and they bowed to each other. As the student bent and picked up his sword, the master spotted you and the guys. The master walked toward you, followed by his student. The master bowed to you and the student knelt on the ground placing his sword on the ground and bowing his head. You stepped forward and bowed back. “Please rise,” you said. The student picked up his sword and stood up keeping his head bowed. “Please relax,” you told him. “Don’t be afraid to look at me. I promise I won’t hurt you. In here we’re all equal.” The student raised his head and you gave him a warm smile. The boy hesitated for a second before smiling back. You turned back to the master. “Hello Lady ______,” he greeted you. “Just ____, please. No need to add the lady before it. I’m not used to using titles like that.” You said. The master smiled and said “As you wish. I am Master Li.” “Pleasure to meet you Master Li,” you replied holding out your hand. Master Li took it in both of his and squeezed giving you a warm smile. He was about middle aged. You guessed mid-40s. He had brown hair with brown eyes and was about your height. He was dressed in training robes with a sash around his middle. You smiled back. Master Li released your hands and gestured to his student. “This is one of my best students, Quan. All of the masters speak highly of him.” You turned to Quan. He was little taller than you and about your age, maybe a little older, 16 maybe. He had longish blonde hair. He flipped it away from his eyes which were blue. Quan was dressed in similar clothes to yours. “Nice to meet you Quan. If you’re as good as Master Li says, maybe we could train together sometime. I’m always looking for a challenge.” You looked him up and down once. “And you look like a worthy opponent.” He in turn looked you up and down once, taking in your skinny, tall frame. “Well I wouldn’t be able to go full out. I wouldn’t want to hurt you,” he said. You chuckled. “You wouldn’t hurt me. I may be skinny but I’m not a force you want to reckon with,” you replied. Behind you the guys nodded. “I’ll consider training with you someday,” Quan said. You nodded and then turned back to Master Li. “Where are my manners? Let me introduce you to my friends, slash, protectors.” You pointed to each guy in turn. “This is Regan, Sean, Rob, Tim, and Randy.” Master Li and Quan bowed and the guys bowed back. “The training area is all yours,” Master Li said. “Thank you,” you replied. You nodded your head to Quan as he followed Master Li out of the training area.
  9. You turned to the guys. “Start running,” you said turning on your heel and walking to the middle of the area. “What??!!” They shouted. “You heard me; start running. You’re still in training and it helps warm you up.” You replied, turning around and crossing your arms and closing the discussion. They all sighed and took off. You started stretching. After you allowed them to stop running, you had them stretch. After that you showed them a new take down and had them practice that. As Sean started to partner up with Rob you stopped him and had Rob go work with Tim. “Why did you do that?” Sean asked confused. “I did that because I wanted to work on your water powers,” you replied leading him away from the others. Sean grinned “Okay,” he said.
  10. I’m going to teach you how to make a title wave,” you told Sean. “Now making a title wave takes a lot of energy, so don’t be surprised if you suddenly get very tired. You have to center yourself before you can do anything though.” You sat down crossed legged and motioned for Sean to do the same. Once he sat down you told him to close his eyes and place his hands on his knees in a comfortable position. You did the same. “Now focus on the sound of your breathing. Block out all other sounds. Try to quiet the sound of your heartbeat a little. Just relax and find your center,” you said softly and slowly. You did everything you told him to do and once you found your center you sat there and meditated for about five minutes. When five minutes had passed you opened your eyes and placed your hand over one of Sean’s. “Are you centered?” you asked. He nodded, not opening his eyes. “Good, now open your eyes and stand up.” He did as he was told and you stood too. “Once you have found your center it’s all about focus. Mimic what I do.” You moved your right foot back a little and pushed your hands out and upward. You then circled them downward. Then you took your right hand and pushed it outward at the same time you balled up your left hand and brought it to rest by your waist. Next you slowly pushed your left hand down, open faced, and circled your arms turning to the right and finishing the circle by pressing your palms together. “Now add you element,” you instructed. You repeated the process hearing the gentle whisper of water as it moved through the air. “Good, now do that a few more times while I go and the get the others started on something else.” You jogged toward the guys and taught them another move. “Once you get that down, add it onto the last one.” You told them. You then hurried back to Sean. He ended the sequence you taught him as you came up. “You’re a quick learner,” you told him with a smile. “Thank you,” he said also with a smile. “I think you’re ready to try and create the wave. Let me show you first and then you try.” You demonstrated the wave directing it away for where the other guys. “Now you try.” “Okay,” Sean said hesitantly. He put his hands out and screwed up his face concentrating. You held back a laugh as you watched him. A little wave appeared and then disappeared. Sean sighed and said “Let me try again.” He did it again and the wave was noticeably bigger. “Very good! See you’re getting it!” you exclaimed. “But you might want to relax your face a little. Unless you need to do that to your face, then mess up your face all you want.” “Oh I don’t need to do that, I just wanted to make you laugh,” Sean replied looking at you. You laughed and said “Well it worked. Now try again.” He did as he was told and a wave appeared. “Excellent! Try and hold it for a minute!” You shouted. Sean focused and even made the wave bigger. “Can I move it?” Sean asked. “Of course! Try and move it!” Sean moved his hands toward the other guys and the wave followed. He made the wave bigger and raised his hands, then whipped them toward the guys and having the wave splash down onto to them. The force of the wave knocked them to the ground and left them spluttering and coughing. “HEY!” They all shouted. You and Sean were rolling on the ground laughing like crazed hyenas. Tears were rolling down your faces. You sat up your laugh slowing down to a giggle. You saw the guys standing looking at their clothes. Regan had his shirt off and was ringing it out, Tim and Randy were shaking themselves like dogs and Rob was standing there looking like a cat that just got a bath. His face expression basically said “I’m wet”. This made you start laughing all over again. “IT’S NOT FUNNY!!” you heard one of the guys shout. When you and Sean finally stopped laughing you stood up, trying to get your breath back. You walked over to the guys who were soaked to the bone. “Hear let me help,” you said. Combining your fire and wind powers you created a warm wind that swirled around the guys drying them off. “Just for the record, that was all Sean. I had no hand in that.” “Actually you did, although directly,” Rob accused. “Yeah you taught him how to do that,” Regan added. “Yes I did and I’m very proud of him. It’s very hard to make a title wave.” You smiled at Sean. You kissed his cheek and then gave him some more instructions. “I want you to meditate every day. You hear me? It will help you find your center and soon you won’t even have to meditate to find your center. And then you’ll be able to create a wave in a second.” You turned to the other guys. “Are ready to stop for the day?” “Yes!” they all said. You laughed and said “Good, cause I need a shower.” “I can give you one,” Sean said slyly. “If you even try, you’re going to find yourself tied to the ceiling,” you threatened. Sean looked up and said “That’s a high ceiling.” “Yes it is.” With that you turned and walked out back to your room
  11. When you got there you found more robs. This time they were a deep blue with a light blue sash. The shoes that went with them were a medium blue ballet flats. Luckily there were pants to go along with it. “Wow, these people really like to wear robes,” you mumbled to yourself. You picked up the outfit and went and took a bath. As you were bathing you examined your arm. The cut wasn’t that bad, it wasn’t too deep. However it was an angry red. You gently washed it then put a salve that felt and soothed like Neosporin. You then wrapped it in a white bandage. You dressed in the robes and went back to your room. In your room you found a cobalt blue (a very pretty blue) hair ribbon and you braided your hair and tied the ribbon around the end. Just as you were looking at yourself in the full length mirror, there was a knock on the door. You answered it and Sean was standing there. He was dressed in a blue robes, similar to yours but not quite as fancy. “Hey Sean, come on in.” He walked in and you shut the door behind him. “Where are the others?” you asked sitting on your bed. Sean leaned on the wall across from you. “They’re still getting ready,” he answered. “They’ll be here in a few minutes.” You nodded and you sat in silence for a minute. After a minute Sean came and sat down next to you. You leaned your head on his shoulder and he put his arm around you. “Sean?” you said. “Hmm?” “I’m scared.” “About what?” You turned your head up to look at his face. “About the K. of D. having this power over me. It’s a weapon that we can’t defuse.” Sean put his other arm around you and held you close. “Yes there’s nothing we can do about it, but we’ll make it through it. You’ll never have to face him alone. I’ll always be there for you.” He kissed the top of your head. “That’s a promise.” You smiled and thanked him. Sean then leaned down and pressed his lips against yours. You stayed like that for about 2 minutes. When he finally pulled away you both were smiling. You heard another knock on the door and you went and answered it. The other guys were standing there. “Ready?” Rob asked. “Yep, come on Sean.” You walked out followed by Sean who shut your door. “Lead the way,” you said to Regan. He and the others led you to the dining room. You and Sean were bringing up the rear, holding hands.
  12. You and the guys had beat the royal family, Sarah and Jake to the dining room. “I wonder if there will be a dance floor after the banquet tonight,” Regan said to no one in particular. “WHAT?!” you exclaimed releasing Sean’s hand. “What do you mean banquet?” “Didn’t we tell you that King Jose is holding a feast in our honor?” Rob asked. “Uh, no you kinda left that part out!” “Opps.” “Why is he holding a banquet? We haven’t done anything.” “Yes but you’re Nia’s prodigy. That’s a good omen. A lot of people are probably going to look at you as if you’re Nia herself,” Tim explained. “Oh no, oh no no no no,” you moaned and put your head in your hands. “What’s wrong?” Randy asked. You looked up. “I’m not good in front of big crowds. I get really nervous. I get all shaky and my heart just starts pounding like there is no tomorrow.” “It’s true,” Rob said. “She won a trophy for being the MVP of the girls’ basketball team. She had to make a speech and she was so pale and her hands were shaking really bad. I thought she was going to faint.” “I almost did too.” “Do you want to attend?” Regan asked gently. You shook your head. “No, but if King Jose is holding this our honor then it would be rude not to attend. As long as I don’t have to make a speech, I think I’ll be fine.” “And at least one of us will be at your side at all times so you won’t be alone,” Tim assured you putting his hand on your shoulder. You nodded and set your face. You walked over to look out a window. “Guys, what happens if the K. of D. attacks me?” you asked quietly. “Then we’ll remove you from the room, get you to a safe place and wait until the attacks over,” Regan replied. “That’s all we can really do,” Rob added. You nodded back stiff. No one talked until the royal family, Jake and Sarah appeared.
  13. Two guards entered first and positioned themselves on either side of the door. Next King Jose and Queen Isra walked in. King Jose was dressed in his imperial robes, but no crown. ‘I guess he doesn’t have to war it at banquets,’ you thought to yourself. Queen Isra was dressed in a dark purple ball gown. It was beaded along the edges and you thought that most women wouldn’t be able to pull that dress off, but the queen knew how to carry herself in the dress and she made it work. She too had no crown on. Then Prince Kygo entered with Sarah at his side. Prince Kygo was dressed in a suit that looked very dashing on him. Sarah was dressed in a light green dress that reached the floor. She had on her necklace that you had given her a year before as a birthday present. Her hair was down and curled with a green headband. Jake entered last also dressed in a suit. You snickered because he looked very uncomfortable. But you quickly shut yourself up and knelt at the feet of the King and Queen. After King Jose told you to rise he gave you a warm smile. “Hello Lady _______. I’m glad to see you are up and moving around. Are you feeling better?” “Yes I am thank you,” you replied also with a smile. “I’m glad to finally make your acquaintance.” King Jose took your hand and kissed the back of it. This made you blush a little. “It’s a pleasure to meet you too,” you said curtsying a tiny bit. “Thank you for the banquet, you didn’t have to do that.” “Oh but we wanted to,” Queen Isra said. “A prodigy of Nia’s is always a time to celebrate. And of course we can’t forget her powerful protectors.” This complement made the guys stand up straighter. The king and queen went to praising them. As they did that you moved around them and walked over to Prince Kygo, Sarah and Jake. They were watching the exchange quietly from a little ways away. You started smiling when you spotted your siblings. It grew wider with every step. The last few steps you ran into Jake’s arms. He swung you around. “Oh Jake I’ve missed you,” you said stepping back. “So do I get a hug too?” Sarah asked. “Of course,” you replied and you hugged her. “Are you okay?” Sarah asked hurriedly. “Yes I’m fine,” you answered just as hurriedly. You, Sarah and Jake started raddling off questions and answers as fast as you can. But suddenly you stopped and cursed under your breath in Latin. You turned to Prince Kygo and dropped to your knees bowing your head. “I’m so sorry your highness. I just haven’t seen my sister and brother in so long and so much has been going on and I was so caught up in catching up with them that I forg-“ Prince Kygo cut you off with a laugh. “Don’t apologize,” he told you. You looked up at him and found him smiling at you. He held his hand out at you. You took it and he helped you to your feet. “I would of done the same thing if I was in your shoes. And please don’t call me ‘your highness’, or ‘Prince’. Just Kygo will do.” He too kissed the back of your hand. “Okay, and please don’t call me ‘Lady’. Just ____.” “That seems fair,” he replied. “_______?” Jake asked. “Yes?” “What’s that?” He pointed at you for arm with the bandage on it. “Oh this guy, Daniel, cut me. But this is a scrape compared to what the K. of D. did to me.” “What did he do?” You glanced at Kygo and bit your lip. “Can you excuse us for a second, please?” you asked. “Of course,” he answered and walked away. You waited until he was far enough away and then lowered your voice. “He kissed me and part of his soul entered me and latched onto mine. Now he can attack me and hurt me from anywhere at any time. And we can’t stop him.” Jake and Sarah gaped at you. “Is he going to attack you tonight?” Jake asked. You shook your head. “I don’t think so. He attacked me a few days ago so I don’t think he’ll bother me.” A throat cleared from across the room. You guys looked over to see King Jose beckoning for you to come over. You smiled and nodded and turned back to Jake and Sarah. You jerked your head toward the King and started walking back. “We’ll talk more about this later,” you hissed to them. You then strode over and stood in between Sean and Tim. Jake stood next to Queen Isra and Sarah went and stood next to Kygo. He took her hand and smiled down at her. She smiled back. When she looked back at you, you raised an eyebrow, flicked your eyes to their hands intertwined and gave her a look that said “We are talking about this later.” She nodded.
  14. “Well let’s get to the banquet. Everyone is waiting.” King Jose said. With that he led everyone out a door and through a hallway. When you reached a door He turned to you and the guys and said, “Don’t come out until the door opens. That’s your queue, that I’m done announcing you.” Your mouth was too dry to speak so you just nodded and watched them leave. You wiped your sweaty hands on your pants and looked anxiously at the door. No one said anything. The door opened suddenly and you heard the King say “And the courageous protectors of this wonderful woman are Lord Rob Hallsworth, and Lord Regan Lester, and Lord Sean Kale, and Lord Randy Browster, and Lord Tim Nomad.” The guys left one by one as their names were called. You heard applause. Then you heard “And the wonderful, beautiful, young woman who is the great goddess Nia’s prodigy is ________ _______!” You took a deep breath, squared your shoulders and walked out the door to deafening applause. You walked to stand next to Regan and Sean. You turned to the crowd. One by one they fell to their knees and pressed their foreheads to the ground. You stared in shock as they shouted “Praise the great goddess Nia and her prodigy!” They fell silent and it seemed like they were waiting for something. “Say something to them,” Regan hissed in your ear. “Umm, th-thank you for the warm welcome. I’m so happy to be here and see all of you. It warms my heart to know that all of you stand behind your goddess and behind me. I know you all have a lot of faith in me and I will do everything in my power to not let you down. I’m sure Nia would be pleased with all of you. Thank you.” You nodded at the king. And he shouted “Let the feast begin!” the crowd cheered and you all sat down and ate. You found out that Kygo really likes Sarah and she really likes Kygo. You promised that he was all hers. After dinner the tables were cleared and a band was brought in. They played as desert was brought out. After you were done eating, people started dancing. You and Sarah grinned at each other as you recognized a song. After dancing to that you sat back down and picked up you water. Two songs later the band slowed down and Kygo asked Sarah to dance. She accepted (of course) and you spotted Jake with a girl on the dance floor. This surprised you since he was usually a very solitary person. But then your view of your brother was blocked by a cream rob and a white sash. You looked up and saw Rob’s smiling face. He bowed and asked “Can I have this dance?” You giggled and nodded. You took his hand and let him lead you out onto the dance floor. You danced with him, and all the other guys got a dance too, each with a different song. After dancing with Tim, you wandered over to where all the subjects were. You smiled and talked with them. You allowed hugs, handshakes and let people touch your arms, hands and shoulders. You were surprised at how much these people who knew nothing about you adored you. When Regan, who was with you finally pulled you back to the table you got a bad feeling. You scanned the doors and ceiling and windows. You slipped a foot out of your shoe and pressed it to the ground, strengthening your senses. You heard the tick, tick, tick of a clock and something clicked in your mind. Bombs. “EVERYONE GET DOWN NOW!!!” You shouted. You brought your arms up creating a dome around the room. An explosion shook the room and broke through your barrio. People started repelling down into the room.

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