Which elemental warrior are you?

Only do this if you read my book, the elemental warriors before (Yeah it's not published yet though) If you don't know a thing about what I'm saying please don't do it.

It's so awesome to get someone like Georgie, Alyson, Thomas, Freddie, Daphne and Gabriel etc...So if you want to try, go ahead, nothing's stopping you!

Created by: Jaz

  1. If one of your friends are in trouble and calls you right before you go to this big party, what will you do?
  2. What's your favourite type of colour?
  3. If someone aims a gun at your forehead, what would you do?
  4. Who do you want to get?
  5. Do you like books?
  6. A single word to describe your personality.
  7. What catches your intrest?
  8. If you had a fight with your best friend,what will you do?
  9. If someone punched you and broke your favourite glasses/sunglasses what is your reaction?
  10. What type of person would you want to be friends with?

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Quiz topic: Which elemental warrior am I?