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  • Hmm... I know I shouldn't be, but I'm kinda jealous of Sarah... Don't judge me, I like Regan, but I get jealous really easy. Especially if it is a hot guy(Kygo)... But I still like Regan. Anyway, if you don't hurry up with the next part, well, I really DO have a baseball bat, and I'm not afraid to use it xD

  • Hey! _celloplayer_ , YOU are a really good writer! You're so good that you make your quiz takers feel like it's really happening. You are so talented like a Janus! (Just for the record: Janus is from 39 clues. Januses are talented! Really, really talented. Like me, you're a Janus. I'm a singer myself.

  • i was angry when u stopped with the series but please don't stop or your going to make me cry and i don't cry ever, i liked Kygo, but then u mentioned he was Sarah's, i respect that, but can u make another super hot guy who's a prince, brother to Kygo or something like that long lost brother, i just love your series

  • Hi you guys, please please PLEASE read Tonight Tonight and Tonight Tonight Part 2!!!!! Part 3 won't be too terribly long!

  • I certainly agree with _ViolaLover_.

  • Oh My God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!! PLEASE MAKE THE NEXT ONE!!!!!!! UR a wonderful writer and I've been waiting!!!!!

  • OH my freaking gosh WHY'D YOU STOP?!?!!?!? Can't wait for part 7!!!!!!!!

  • @XxLuckyzxX: Ahhh thanks! You make me blush.
    @everyone else: PART 7 is out!

  • *leans on baseball bat* Parttt sevennn :D


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