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  • I live there too! The cactus thing is totally reasonable, and it's not any cactus-its the saguaro cactus that only grows in arizona! the donkey thing is because a lot of people have farm animals or had them out in the country, and it's unsanitary to have them inside the house. I'm pretty sure most of these aren't enforced =P Did you know it's also illegal to refuse someone water in arizona?

  • Haha, are you going to do all 50 states?Do New York,Hawii,Alaska,O regon, or California next.Do you get all of this information off of google?I'm gonna google dumb laws for my state now!

  • I live in this state! Ok, wait a minute! Where did you find these, b/c I sure the pants thing is wrong (I've never been told anything while vistiting.) This was fun, do more! Colorado!

  • Lol. New York has some pretty god damn dumb rules, you should try that next. I would but I don't remember them. >.< Heh and I live in NY. O.o


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