Dream story...9

Ok fist i am going to tell you that this quiz is diffrent than the others. You will get to know what the boys feel when you say something the ** will tell you

Who it is. EG: *you* then whatever! I hope you got it!!!!!!! Enjoy the quiz!! J.

Created by: singin234

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  1. (MUST READ TOP BIT IF NOT YOU WON'T GET IT) *you* The next day.... "My head hurts...bad" mumbled Zero who was getting some blood milk. "Have you eaten?" you ask him. You head is spinning too from last night. But you don't want to say anything just in case they OVER react. He nods "I don't know what I have done this time" he drinks his milk and when he dose he has the blood milk around his mouth and it's dripping from his fangs. "Gross Zero!! Wipe you face please!!" you beg him the Shight of it is gross like he just had throwed up Milk with blood in it. If it was just blood maybe it would not of been so bad! But the Milk made it look all chuncky and Gross or Yuck! "Sorry I forgot!" Zero said wiping his mouth will his sleeve. "Forgot what?!?!" you day in a very deep tone! "your not used to it" He said looking down." It's fine! The milk bit makes it look gross!!" he laughed "I know" "well I going to find Alex! Haven't seen him lately!"
  2. *Alex* he is in the book room or whatever!! He dose don't know what to read. "Umm... Mabey this one" he says picking up a Harry potter book! "or this one" he says picking up A old, broken book that said on the cover 'History of the water benders' down stairs He can hear Zero and you talking "Have you eaten?" you had asked Zero. Alex is a bit worried about you so he sneaks down and listens to what you are saying. Alex gets worried about himself when you said "Well I am going to find Alex! Haven't seen him lately"
  3. *Zero* After you left to find alex Zero had thought 'She is weird that way! She never really stops smiling' Then it hit Zero 'oh my!! No, no, no, oh no! This can not be happening!! No, NO, I am falling in love with her' Then Collin walks in 'Great! Now my brother is here that's just what I need when i am FREAKING OUT!!' "Hey! You look...um pale" Collin tells him. While looking for More blood milk. "I don't know. Maybe that's because I just had BLOOD MILK?!?!!!" Collin stops look for the milk "Is there any left for me?" Collin asked "NO !! I am just going to let you drink blood from ***!! what do you think?" Zero yells but he said your name in a low voice. "Ok OK She could of herd you!!" "I know here" Zero says handing Collin the milk. "Are you ok zero! I mean my head has been spinning. Is yours?" Zero nodes "yes what's happening?"
  4. *Nav* 'My head hurts...my head' Nav thinks while getting Out of bed down stairs he can hear Alex and you go out the door and Collin and Zero yelling or whatever. He gets dress and heads out the door! To hear you and Alex talking "So what's up?" Alex said to you. He was in his 'I want to make a run for it' tone. "Um...well I wanted to talk" you said to him. 'YES' Nav thought 'He is so not getting her to fall in love with him this way' "Ok what about?" asked Alex looking at his shoes. "Is there any good books that I can read? Or do you want to train me?" you said to him. His eyes lit up . Bu just then Nav realised that ***(you) are not just best friends with him but also Collin and this was a fight for love!
  5. *jay* "my dumb...dumb head!!!" he mutted as he walked into the forest for his walk. It still hurts from last night. He is standing where ***(you) stood. That's when he had said "FORGET" and "FORGIVE". forget that word hunts him down in his sleep. Ever since he said bye and sorry to you. In that dark room with a little nightlight. Yes there she layed he had said that he must erase her mind. But it was so strange that she was seeing it in her dreams again. That figure that she had been talking about was him!!!! He is not a bad guy...but he had to!! To save her. He had wished everyday that he could run up to her you hug her. But he had wached her life as she had growen up this time without him...
  6. *end of part 9. Last bit* "ok I will train you!!" Alex jump as he said it. "ok after lunch!" you told him. He nodes and runs off. When Nav comes "Hey what's up" he says "the sky" you say and then a bright sunny day turns into a raining, cold and windy day. Great!!
  7. I hope you like it and who do you love?
  8. Will you come back for part 10
  9. Do you like the quiz
  10. Can you wait for part 10? And bye!

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