Dragon Mistress - Chapter 3

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So, um, hi? Sorry his is a bit over due, but it will be worth it I promise! I had something written out, and when I logged on again, it had deleted it, so I had to rewrite it...-_- just my luck...

As always, I'd like to thank ghettobabe4ever, also known as @TheEvilOne on pixelart, and I'd also like to thank LetsTacoBoutIt. He inspired me to make another character... Thanks guys!

Created by: Houndlover of Characters link (please click)
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  1. ***Recap*** Suddenly, Omen pulled an ax out and lunged at Avery.
  2. There was a loud clank and slowly, Avery opened her eyes. Autumn was standing in front of her, using her small spear to block the hit. She gave a small shake, and it grew as big as her!
  3. Another person jumped down, this one was a boy, and he wore black like Autumn, but had blonde hair. The same color hair I had, thought Avery. He suddenly turned in to a dragon, helping fight Omen. Autumns spear grew a long deadly tip at the end.
  4. Omen was using two axes now, however, she wasn’t winning. All three of them were great at dulling, just two for good and one for bad.
  5. “Quickly Avery, hop on! We have to leave right now!” Roxy said. Avery hopped on her back. Ayla made a moving vine grow with her elf powers. Tess flew up with her wings. They quickly flew from the town.
  6. “Where are we going?” Avery asked. “To Dragon Downtown.” Ayla replied. “We’ll be sake there,” Tess added. “What about Autumn?” “She’ll know where we are,” Tess answered reassuringly.
  7. “This is it, Dragon Downtown!” Tess said. “We’ll be safe here.” Roxy added. Ayla was talking to a dragon. The dragon turned and flew away. “Come on guys, she’s taking us somewhere where we’ll be safe!” Ayla said.
  8. ***Omen’s PO*** I can’t win this! Unless, I thought, unless I cast a spell! I am a sorcerous after all!
  9. ***Mystery dragon turning into guy who can really kick Omen’s butt’s PO*** We’re winning! I though, triumphant in my eyes. I could see fear in Omen’s. She muttered under her breath, and disappeared. “We did it! We won Autumn!” Silence. “Autumn?” I asked looking around. There. A black lump lying on the street a few feet away. I ran towards it.
  10. “Autumn?” I asked fear in my eyes. She gave a soft, painful moan. I cradled her head in my arms, resting my head on hers. “Don’t worry Autumn, it will be alright.” I said my voice shaking.
  11. “You fool,” a voice said in the darkness. “It won’t be alright!” Omen cried. “I did a death spell,” she said. “One that she win die from in minutes!” No! I have to save her! I thought. I picked myself off the ground. “Your gonna pay Omen. Your gonna pay for taking my love away!” And with that I lunged for Omen.
  12. ***Cliffhanger***

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