Dragon Mistress - Chapter 4

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Hey peeps! (yummy peeps...) So, I'm gonna try really hard to get chapter 5 out today, and maybe 6... I don't know. Probably, I'll have 6 out tomorrow... We'll see...

As always, I'd like to thank ghettobabe4ever, also known as @TheEvilOne on pixelart, and I'd also like to thank LetsTacoBoutIt. He inspired me to make Jinx. Thanks guys!

Created by: Houndlover of Characters
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  1. ***Recap***“You fool,” a voice said in the darkness. “It won’t be alright!” Omen cried. “I did a death spell,” she said. “One that she win die from in minutes!” No! I have to save her! I thought. I picked myself off the ground. “Your gonna pay Omen. Your gonna pay for taking my love away!” And with that I lunged for Omen.
  2. I turned into a dragon, breathing fire in Omen's face. For Autumn! I thought.
  3. Another guy came and helped me fight. "Jinx!" I cried happily. "Leave us Omen. We out number you!" Omen growled. "You haven't seen the last of me!" she cried, then disappeared.
  4. "Thanks old friend," I said smiling. "You can thank me later, we have to save Autumn." I nodded.
  5. ***Narrator*** Meanwhile, Avery, Tess, Ayla, and Roxy got to the cave that they’ll stay in. “Wow! It’s so big in here!” Tess exclaimed, her eyes wide.
  6. A dragon flew into the cave, with someone riding on his back, and carrying someone.
  7. As the dragon set the person down, they could all see who it was. “Autumn!” Tess and Ayla cried, as they ran over to her. (The dragon became a boy again)
  8. “W-who are you?” Avery stammered. “I’m Jinx,” said the one wearing black. “And you would you be?” ”I’m Avery. It’s nice to meet-” “Jinx! A little help over here!” “Coming!”
  9. Jinx started murmuring under his breath. “And who are you?” Avery asked mystery dragon turning into guy who can really kick Omen’s butt. “Avery, this may come as a shock to you but, I’m Blaze,” he took a deep breath. “your brother…”
  10. ***Cliffhanger!***

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