Dragon Mistress - Chapter 1

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So, this is a book that I'm writing, and I'm making these to try to get ideas and opinions...Oh, and please, before you start reading this, please go and read the prologue, if you haven't already. It will help you understand more...

As always, I'd like to thank ghettobabe4ever, also known as @TheEvilOne on pixelart, and I'd also like to thank someone else from pixelart, know as @xd-McMuffin2892. Thank you guys! P.S. If you want to see my art from pixelart, I'm known as @Dragonsongbird...

Created by: Houndlover
  1. ***Recap*** A bolt of electricity ran through her body, and a large blue hole opened up. Roxy jumped through excitedly. "Roxy!" Avery yelled. Suddenly, the hole reached out with long arms, and tried to get her. Avery screamed and started running towards the house, but the arms wrapped themselves around her waist and pulled her in the portal. it closed with a silent snap, and everything was still.
  2. When Avery opened her eyes, she was on the shore of a beautiful beach, with sand so white it looked like snow. Aqua blue waves lapped at it’s crystal shores.
  3. A few yards away, there was something running towards her. Avery's heart quickened. Then when it was only a few feet away, did Avery realize that it was Roxy...
  4. When Roxy got to her, she did something that Avery has only read about in fantasy stories. "It's about time I open this mouth and talk again!“ Avery was awestruck.
  5. “How-But-Why-When-What-Where are we?” “Oh, right, sorry,” Roxy did a few low barks, that sounded like giggles. “Welcome to Eternal Moon! You see that forest over there?” She pointed to a bunch of tall trees a few meters away. “That’s the Matavon Forest.” “No, I mean where in the world are we?” Avery asked. “We’re not on earth silly,” Roxy corrected. “I told you, we’re in the world known as Eternal Moon.”
  6. Avery gasped. “I’ve read about something like this! It’s my favorite book series call ‘Heartbreaking isn’t a crime right’ and this girl nam-” “I know, I read over your shoulder at home…” Roxy interrupted.
  7. “So, in this world, Everlasting Moon,” “Eternal Moon” ”Right. Eternal Moon, you can talk?” Avery checked with Roxy. “Yes siree dog!” “You mean bob?” “No, I mean dog.” Avery shook her head. “Never mind- wait, you said that you’ve come here before?”
  8. “Yes, with your grandmother. She cast a spell on me to make me a puppy again…” “So, my grandmother was a…” “That’s right, she was a sorceresses…” “Wait are you anything special?”
  9. “Yes,” “What?” Avery asked, anxious to find out. “I’m a talking dog.” Roxy teased. Avery face palmed. “And I’m also a shapeshifter…” “”Wait, really?” "Yep,"
  10. “What can you shapeshifter into?” Avery asked curiously. “Don’t you want to explore? Let’s go to Cloud town. It’s one of my favorites!” “Ok, but is it in the sky?” “Yes,” “Then- oh” Avery started but then she realized that Roxy could shapeshift.
  11. Roxy suddenly disappeared, and in her place stood a majestic horse with feathery white wings.
  12. “R-Roxy?” Avery stammered. ”Yes?” “You-your- your pegasus!” Roxy bobbed her head up and down.
  13. Roxy extended a wing. “Hop on!” She said. Avery hopped onto her back. Roxy spread out her wings and they were in the air.
  14. ***5 minutes later*** A very large cloud appeared in view, and Roxy kept soaring towards it.
  15. “Welcome to Cloud town!” “I can see why it’s one of your favorites!” Avery exclaimed. The town was all made on cloud. Some soft, some hard. When Avery dismounted, Roxy lead her through the town.
  16. Avery heard a snap behind her. When she turned, nothing was there. Huh, she thought. She kept walking. Suddenly, long arms grabbed her like a hug. “Help!” Avery screamed, but Roxy was no where to be seen.
  17. ***Cliffhanger!***

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