Dragon Mistress - Prologue

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So, this is a new series, and I'm going to make an announcement in a minute. So among my other series, I'll have this one. Um, as you can tell this is the prologue...

So, yet again, a special thanks to ghettobabe4ever, for inspiring me, and all ways being there for me. And also, a thanks to @xd-McMuffin2892, from pixelart, who's nice, and one of my 70 followers on there. He's always liking my art and taking to me. Thank you guys!!!

Created by: Houndlover

  1. 18 year old Avery Johnson felt tears coming to her eyes. She wore a long black robe, like everyone else. Her mother and father stood with her.
  2. Even though it's been a month, Avery couldn't believe that her grandmother had passed away. It couldn't be true! And yet, it was...
  3. ***1 week later*** They were receiving items from the will of her grandmother. Her mother had gotten spoons and oven mitts, and her father had gotten the guns her grandmother had collected. Avery, however, only received a silver necklace, with a sapphire dragon charm. Her grandmother had never taken it off. It must be special in some way, Avery thought.
  4. That night, at midnight, when everyone was asleep, Avery put on her necklace and went out side. Her dog Roxy gave a soft bark as she walked by. Her grandmother also had a dog, named Roxy, and strangely enough, looked like Roxy also. When her grandma gave her the dog, her own Roxy disappeared. But they couldn't be the same dog, because Roxy was 10 years old. When Avery got Roxy, she was a puppy.
  5. She walked to the giant oak tree in her yard. She sat down at the base of the tree. Stars twinkled above, and she remembered when she was only 5 years old, her and her grandmother would come outside, and watch the stars.
  6. Before she could stop them, tears started roleing down her cheeks as she remembered all the good times she'd had with her grandma. They went camping, the shared secrets, they cooked together. Avery never had any friends, so she had her grandmother, and Roxy. But now, she only had Roxy.
  7. Roxy came to her and barked softly, and pointed her nose to the tree. Huh? Avery thought. She looked at where Roxy was pointing.
  8. There was a small hole in the tree. Probably a bug, she thought. When she looked away, Roxy came in front of her, and pulled her necklace between her teeth. "Hey!" Avery said quietly. "I don't feel like playing!"
  9. Roxy kept pulling her towards the hole. When she looked closely, she could see a shape in the tree. Wait, could it be? No, it couldn't! Avery thought. The shape of the hole looked like her dragon charm. Avery reached for her dragon charm, and put it in the hole.
  10. A bolt of electricity ran through her body, and a large blue hole opened up. Roxy jumped through excitedly. "Roxy!" Avery yelled. Suddenly, the hole reached out with long arms, and tried to get her. Avery screamed and started running towards the house, but the arms wrapped themselves around her waist and pulled her in the portal. it closed with a silent snap, and everything was still.
  11. ***Cliffhanger!***

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