Dragon Mistress - Chapter 2

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So, this is a book that I'm writing, and I'm making these to try to get ideas and opinions...Oh, and please, before you start reading this, please go and read chapter 1, if you haven't already.

As always, I'd like to thank ghettobabe4ever, also known as @TheEvilOne on pixelart, and I'd also like to thank someone else from pixelart, know as @xd-McMuffin2892. Thank you guys! P.S. If you want to see my art from pixelart, I'm known as @Dragonsongbird...

Created by: Houndlover of Characters from this story.
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  1. ***Recap*** Avery heard a snap behind her. When she turned, nothing was there. Huh, she thought. She kept walking. Suddenly, long arms grabbed her like a hug. “Help!” Avery screamed, but Roxy was no where to be seen.
  2. "Shh, it's ok," a female voice whispered n her ear. "I'm a friend." Avery nodded, to show that she understood.
  3. Avery followed the shadow into a dark alleyway. "W-who are you?" Avery stammered. "I'm Ayla." She said as she removed her hood. She was a light purple in color, with bright blue eyes and long, pointy ears. She had long, dark purple hair in a single braid. She wore a dark green top, with ruffles on the sleeves, that were different kinds of green. She wore a sash with a bow, right above her matching green skirt.
  4. Ayla was stareing at her. "What?" she asked. "Oh, nothing," Ayla said quickly, "It's just, I've never seen a human before. Or, well, their clothing...are all of your hair that color?" Ayla asked curiosity in her eyes. Avery looked down at her long jeans, and black tank top. Her galaxy colored hair was wavy, and past her shoulders. "Um, no, we have different colored hair..."
  5. “That’s not an important question!” A voice said. “You should be asking her why she’s here!” “Calm down Autumn,” a different, but soothing voice told her. “Wait, who are you?” Avery asked, fearfulness in her eyes.
  6. A female figure flew up and landed in the light right in front of Avery. “Hello,” she said soothingly. She wore a sleeveless short dress, with big dark blue wings. She had violet eyes, and light blue eye shadow. “I’m Tess.” She said.
  7. “And she’s,” Ayla said as a figure flipped to Avery, “Autumn.” Autumn wore a black long sleeved shirt, with black pants. She had a spear looking thing attached to her back. She had dark brown eyes, and black eye shadow.
  8. “Where’s Roxy?” Avery asked, worried for her dog. “You mean your dog who says she’s a shapeshifter, when she can only go from pegasus to dog?” Autumn asked. “Yes?” “Autumn, why don’t you go find her?” Ayla suggested.
  9. “Why can’t Tess go?” Autumn whined. ”She can fly!” “Fairies can’t fly that fast, and they have normal eyesight.” Ayla argued back. ”A simple please would do,” Autumn said as she turned.
  10. There was a flash of light, and in Autumn’s place stood a eagle. “There, happy Ayla?” She said grumpily. “I thought you loved flying…” Tess said. Autumn sighed and flew away.
  11. “So, she’s a shapeshifter, Tess is a fairy, and Ayla is a elf?” Avery asked. “Yep,” Tess said. Cool, she thought.
  12. There was a thump behind Avery. She turned. Ayla and Tess were staring at the thing that thumped down.
  13. "Well, well, well, who do we have here?" the female figure asked. "Omen." Ayla said in a low voice.
  14. Suddenly, Omen pulled an ax out and lunged at Avery.
  15. ***Cliffhanger***

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