Douchebag Vehemence Quiz

The title of Douchebag is thrown out all too often in modern times, as opposed to when, in biblical times, that title was given only to the true douche; someone who earned it through taxing trials of Douchebaggery by failing every one.

Let us see if you fit the description of Douchebag, or if you are a mere Dunce. Step into the void and find out your true heritage. If you think this test dose not apply to you, you need to take this test. And if you missed the grammatical error in the previous entencce, you REALLY need to take this test.

Created by: Dylan Spurlock

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What kind of contraceptive do you use?
  2. What is the capital of Canada
  3. What's your deal?
  4. Why do you suck?
  5. What is wrong with this sentence: Al Gore said: "I don't like republicans because their all up in your face, like *bam*!"
  6. If you forget someone's birthday, and they get severely pissed...
  7. If quote: "everybody is doing it," you:
  8. You vote based on...
  9. Christ/Buddha/Vishnu/Santa/whatever loves:
  10. Who was responsible for 9/11?
  11. A kid and his dad are hit by a train while in their car, killing his father instantly. When the paramedics arrive, the boy is pulled from the flaming wreckage and taken to the doctor. After looking at the boy, the doctor turns to the paramedics and says:

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