Are you a conservative douchebag?

There are many douchebags in this world, and the majority of them are conservatives. Prime examples are Mr. 'F--- Off' Dick Cheney, and of course Sean Hannity.

Are you a conservative douchebag? In just a few minutes, you will find out! Until now you could only wonder, and after you take this quiz there will be no question.

Created by: Trish of this site
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  1. Is Fox New yours only source of information?
  2. Which person do you agree with the most on issues
  3. What is the major cause of poverty in the US?
  4. Do you think homosexuality is a sin?
  5. What government program best deserves public funding?
  6. Which person would you vote for?
  7. Do you think we should bomb Iran in the next two years?
  8. How many hours a week do you listen to talk radio?
  9. Do you think college campuses brainwash students?
  10. What was your reaction when Cheney shot that old guy in the face?

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Quiz topic: Am I a conservative douchebag?