Ultimate Douchebag Test

Take the Ultimate Douchebag Test and find out if you belong in the Douche Bag Hall of Fame. Or do you deserve to take the Douche Bag Walk of Shame? There are many Douches in the world, each is graded differently based on attitude, appearance, and several other factors. Find out if you qualify as a Douchebag or not!

No title in the world is more dubious than being labeled a Douche Bag.Chances are though that you know if you are one or not, in case you don't take this test to find out just how high you rank on the Douche-o-meter. In a few minutes, you will know where you stand.

Created by: Kidd
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  1. Do you play D n D or World of Warcraft?
  2. Do you wear a visor instead of a hat?
  3. When you wear polo shirts, do you only tuck in the front?
  4. Out of these shows, which is your favorite?
  5. Out of these musical acts, which is your favorite?
  6. If you were taking a road trip, how many times would you change cd's during a 4 hour road trip?
  7. Does it bother you if people call you a douche bag?
  8. Out of the following activities, which would you prefer...
  9. Out of the following movies, which would you rather watch...
  10. Do you have any tattoos, and if you do, which of the following do you have?

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