The Ultimate D Bag Test

Sometimes in life, people wonder, hey, that guy over there...he's kind of a giant douchebag. Or has a friend ever told you, hey dude, only d bags drink martinis on 2 dollar pitcher night. Or do you purposely pop the collar because its cool?

Well now, with my very un scientific test that I made up, you can find out if you are, infact the epitome of douchebags everywhere. All you have to do is waste a few minutes of time to find out. Good Luck!!!

Created by: Brandon

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  1. Do you own any pink polos?
  2. Do you think the popped collar is cool?
  3. How often do you ditch your friends at the bar?
  4. Do you own plaid pants since they have come back in style?
  5. Do you, in your personal opinion think you, yourself as a douchebag?
  6. Is your favorite drink of choice...
  7. Is your favorite beer...
  8. Do you have any ear piercings?
  9. Do you take time out of your day to make sure your shoes match your clothes?
  10. Do you wear your hat crooked to one side slightly?
  11. In the average day, how many times do you say, "bro"?

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