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You have been in my class and are now ready for the ultimate test of your computer skills and knowledge.Don't worry about the results from this quiz you can always have a re-test!

This test will test you on your knowledge of saving images from the google image search. I hope you prepared yourself and studied and payed attention because this will be the ultimate test!!!!

Created by: Robyn

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  1. What is the email service provider that you use?
  2. How many left clicks does it take to open a folder?
  3. When you are doing an image search on google, what do you do FIRST to make sure you are searching for pictures?
  4. After I have typed in my image search, what do I do now to actually search for the images?
  5. After I have hit "Search Images" I see an array of pictures.What should I do to view a particular picture I may like.
  6. Now that I have single left clicked the image I wanted to view, how do I see the picture larger so I can begin to save it?
  7. Now that my picture that I want to save is showing, how do I save it?
  8. I have just single right click the picture and left clicked "Save As", what do I do FIRST??
  9. After I have named my file, what is the SECOND thing I should do?
  10. After I have double left clicked my folder I want to save it into, I am ready to do what?
  11. When I save a picture where does it go?
  12. How do I check the folder "My Pictures"?
  13. After I see that the folder "My documents" is opened , what do I do to get to "My pictures"?
  14. Why do we have seperate folders for pictures?

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