Are You A Douchebag?

Douchebags! You see them everywhere. At work. At the bar. Maybe even in your own home. The douchebag phenomenon is spreading at an unprecedented rate.

Are you a part of the problem? Or are you the solution? Do people want to fight you everywhere you go? Does more of your date's drink end up on your face, than in her mouth? This quiz will give you the answers you seek.

Created by: Action

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  1. Do you high five your friends?
  2. Do you high five strangers?
  3. Have you ever owned an IROC-Z?
  4. Have you ever tipped a bartender/cocktail waitress with change?
  5. If faced with a five dollar cover at a bar, do you:
  6. Have you ever pissed in a bathroom sink at a bar?
  7. Have you ever whistled to get a bartender's attention?
  8. Chicago's only real baseball team is:
  9. Have you ever worn flip-flops to a bar not located on the beach?
  10. Are you now, or have you ever been in a fraternity?
  11. Your idea of a night out with your lady:

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Quiz topic: Am I A Douchebag?