Are you a d-bag?

Okay, look, we know that the time and effort that we put into making this quiz make us the ultimate douchebags. Still, you have to admit that having an index of douchebaggery is a useful diagnostic tool. Or not. Whatever.

Are YOU a douchebag? Have you ever wanted to know if what your friends say about you behind your back is really true? Thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes, you will find out!

Created by: areyouadbag

  1. Have you ever ordered a Jager bomb?
  2. Have you ever had sex with two girls or more (excluding a threesome/orgy) in one night?
  3. Have you ever worn more than one polo shirt at a time?
  4. Have you ever played lacrosse?
  5. Are you from New Jersey?
  6. Have you ever paid a bouncer to get inside a club?
  7. To what extent do you agree with the following statement: 'Aside from sexual purposes, women have no intrinsic value'?
  8. Have you ever invited a girl over to 'listen to music'?
  9. How many shirtless pictures are there of you on Facebook/Myspace?
  10. Do you own a visor?
  11. Have you ever stiffed a waitress?
  12. Did you laugh when we said 'stiffed a waitress'?
  13. Do you shave your chest?
  14. Are you a republican?
  15. To what extent do you agree with the following statement: "I am a douchebag?"
  16. Have you ever created a facebook group about yourself?
  17. Have you ever had an artificial tan?
  18. Have you ever given someone an STD?
  19. Do you belong to a fraternity?
  20. Answer the following question: 'I can play __ John Mayer songs on the guitar.'

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Quiz topic: Am I a d-bag?