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Welcome to the forty-second part of my first story quiz! If you haven't already read the others, you might want to, so you can understand the story. Writing out the number of the part I'm on astonishes me every time... By the way, The Other Side: Morning III is out, and I will be working on Part IV soon!

Recap: You learn that 2 Spirit Medallions are revealed: one that Blake is pursuing in Russia and another that Luna has identified as active. All the teams are splitting up, and Jack's (you and Justin included) are taking lead in Russia. Owen seems preoccupied and is hanging out in a guest room, Kris got emotional and left to pack, Jus went to say bye to his family, and you had a moment with Jack before going to pack.

Created by: xxblutixx of From the Notes of xxblutixx
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  1. Because you haven't really lived at this house for very long, it's not hard for you to pack up quickly. You grab mostly clothes, a jacket because you figure it will be cold in Russia, regardless of whether it's April or not, and make sure that you pack the personal care essentials. After all that's taken care of, you have one rolling suitcase, a backpack, and a handbag packed with the coat outside the bags. You still have space left in your bags, so decide to pack:
  2. You give a last look around your room. It's only been a couple weeks since you've lived here, but you're sad to let it go. What would it be like, changing everything you've just gotten used to and going to a radically different environment without a home to come back to?
  3. You're pulled out of your introspective thinking when you notice, in your peripheral vision, something softly glowing. Turning, you spot a thick volume on your desk. It's dark blue with silver binding and roughened silver-edged pages. Only when you get closer do you recognize the book; it's the one Stella gave to you, the encylopedia of some sort. You open the cover to remind yourself of the title, Encylopedic History of the Milia and All Associated With: Volume I. You figure it would be useful, so, by taking out and replacing and shifting many of items in your bags, you finally manage to stuff the volume in to take with you.
  4. It takes you a couple trips to bring each bag down one-by-one, especially the suitcase, which was difficult to manuever down the narrow spiral staircase, but you eventually got everything down. You sling the backpack around your shoulders, pop up the handle for the suitcase, drape the coat on your arm, grab your bag, and walk down the hallway, past Jack's now closed door to the large grand staircase. You put down everything to prepare to carry the suitcase down the stairs when you hear a door close and look up to see Kris leaving his room.
  5. Kris looks up, and his eyes meet yours for a second before he looks to the side, hitches his duffel bag up his shoulder, and strides down the hallway. He pauses by you, not looking you directly in the face, and sighs, "I'm sorry."
  6. Before he can move forward past you, like you see he's about to do, you step in front of him, "Kris, wait." He looks up apprehensively, and, before you can say anything, speaks, "I'm sorry, _______, I acted without thinking again." He turns to look to the side again, "I try to look out for you, but I always end up making you worry about me instead."
  7. "Don't worry about me," you insist, "I'm just worrying about you because you seem... so stressed out. I don't want to add onto that. You know, though, if something's bothering you... I'm always here to listen. I mean... if you want." Kris shakes his head quickly, "I couldn't bear to burden you with my problems; that'd be cruel... but..." Kris looks up at you with soft gray eyes, "Thank you for always caring, _______."
  8. You're a little disappointed that Kris won't open up to you, but you shrug it off. "You don't have to thank me, of course I care," you wave him off, "Now... we should get our stuff downstairs and ready, so Luna won't be pulling out hairs in anxiety." Kris smiles at you with more warmth, the light playing in his eyes as he agrees with you, "Yes, we wouldn't want that." Without you having to ask, Kris picks up your suitcase and coat for you, leaving you the backpack and handbag to bring down on your own.
  9. "Oh, thanks, Kris," you say, trailing downstairs behind him, and he answers, "You're welcome." You pause at the foot of the stairs and ask Kris, "So... what are we supposed to do now?" He shrugs and leans back on the wall with his hands in his pockets, "Just wait." You lean on the wall next to him in silence for a bit before you decide to ask, "Kris... what's going to happen to this house once we leave? I mean, we can't come back, can we?"
  10. "No," Kris answers, "It's better to find a new place that we've never been before. Luna will be taking care of that while we're gone. Don't worry, we've done it before." Kris seems to truly be unconcerned in the matter, as if he's done it so many times before, and it piques your curiousity. "... What was it like, before I joined? Did you move around a lot?" you inquire, taking a different approach to figure out more about Kris.
  11. Kris sucks in a deep breath,"It was... different. Very different. Mostly, it was just Jack and I, sabotaging Blake where we could. Luna got the feeling the Milia was in this town a couple years ago and moved. This year, she said she was certain, so we came and found both you and Cory." "Oh, just you and Jack? I guess that's why you two trust each other so much?" you ask. Kris inclines his head, agreeing mildly, "You could say that."
  12. "Did you know Jack before you joined up with him? I mean... I heard you both used to be part of Blake's team..." you ask, watching his face, hoping he'll finally let you into his past. His eyes harden and shut down like iron gates, and he answers tersely, "I knew of him. Everyone did." "I'm sorry," you blurt out, "You don't like to talk about that, do you? It's nosy and rude of me to ask. I'm just... going to go ask Luna if there's anything I can do for her." You turn to run out, feeling partly ashamed for trying to force Kris to talk about his past, but a hand on your shoulder and a soft command, "Wait", stops you.
  13. Kris turns you around, "... _______... why do you ask?" "I just..." you begin hesitantly, "I wanted to get to know you better. I know nothing about your family or what you did before you were a part of this." Kris sinks gracefully to the floor, sitting with his back to the wall and one knee bent. He pats the ground next to him, inviting you to sit next to him.
  14. "... I joined Blake a little under 2 years after it had been formed because it had seemed like my only option," Kris says, looking off into the distance, "I had always lived with my mother, but she was sick a lot and... my father, who I had not met before, came to have me live with him. She died soon after."
  15. "I'm sorry," you murmur. Kris pauses, closing his eyelids with his fingers, and you see the slight glint of teardrops on his eyelashes. He lets out a breath, sets his jaw, and continues in a relatively steady voice, "No, there's nothing for you to be sorry about; it couldn't be helped. My family is... steeped in blood. My father is descended from the vampire last captured, so our family is the closest to the immortals as one can get. My father is very proud of this and wanted an heir, so he sought me out. However, I would not, could not, conform to his... vampire culture mania, so I escaped to Blake's team.
  16. "It was fine in the beginning, but... they started increasing workloads, eliminated days of rest, and demanded the development of one's magical form. Like my father, they wanted someone who I would not be too. I was supposed to be one of Blake's inner ring, but I spent a lot of time in the back, avoiding the meetings. To answer your question, I knew Jack by name and by deed, but we never had talked. He seemed fair, though, and... he was."
  17. "That day when he left, I knew he had the right idea and followed suit. He thought I had been sent to kill him... but when it all smoothed out, he offered to take me in, wretched as I was and still am. He's a good person, through and through... I don't know what I ever did to deserve his and his family's warmth, but I'm grateful for them."
  18. "I feel the same way," you agree and turn to face him a little nervously, "... Kris? Thank you for opening up to me" He just turns to look at you too and, in a hushed voice befitting your closeness, says, "Don't thank me. I should've done that myself a long time ago. I trust you more than anyone else, _______. Still... I never do anything right... I'm always afraid that..." Kris pauses in his confession, his gray eyes a tense mix of uncertainty.
  19. "You can tell me," you encourage him with your voice barely over a whisper. His eyes lock on yours and seem to gain some kind of reassurance as he breathes out, "I'm always afraid that... you'll hate me." His confession is quiet, so quiet that you barely are sure that you heard him right, even though you're barely inches away from him. "Kris, how could I ever? I would never," you promise. His eyes widen the slightest in surprise, and his irises shimmer silver in the light. "_______," he murmurs. Your nose brushes his, and your breath catches as you realize that his lips are only a hair's breadth apart from your own.
  20. bing bong, the doorbell suddenly rings, snapping the connection and causing you each to jump back a little. A light blush instantly creeps up Kris's cheeks, and he clears his throat with a sharp hem. You're now more aware of the butterflies dancing the macerena in your stomach. You shakily get up to your feet to open the door, but apparently, Kris had the same idea, and you two bounce into each other, making you blush this time. "I'm soooo sorry," you blurt out, "Here, I'll go get the door." "It's okay, _______," Kris assures you, and he holds out his hand to help you get up.
  21. Together, you walk to the door and tug it open to find none other than your best friend kissing exactly who you thought it'd be: Russel, Taylor Lautner-lookalike guy from the bowling alley. At the sound of the door opening, Stella jerks back nervously, but relaxes when she sees it's just you and Kris. "Oh my gosh, I thought you might have been my mom, and that she'd go off on bringing people here. That would've been bad, but," Stella wheels on Russel, "If you had listened to me, been less gentlemanly, and let me walk myself home, I wouldn't nearly have had a heart attack." He laughs deeply, "Now if I had done that, I might not have gotten that kiss." "I would've been happy to give one to you any time," Stella sticks her tongue out and prances into the house.
  22. Something about Russel's posture seems very familiar to you, as strange as it sounds, but you feel like you've seen him somewhere else besides the bowling alley. Ignoring it, you let Stella say her good-byes before you close the door, and both you and Kris wheel to face her. "Whaaattt," she giggles nervously, "Was my mom mad?" "More like frazzled to the ends of the earth. She couldn't stop pacing and went to go pack," you inform her. "I'll go tell her I'm back then; _______, come with. Maybe she won't kill me if you're there," Stella says, but instead of waiting for your answer, she just drags you along into the living room.
  23. "OOOOooo you two looked so guilty when you opened the door. What were you two up to?" Stella asks in a suggestive manner. "NOTHING! Stella! It's not like that!" you protest, feeling the heat rise up to your cheeks as you imagine what Stella's mind must be envisioning, "Besides, what about you and Russel? You definitely have some things to fill me in on there." "Fine, pinky promise that we'll fill each other in at the airport," Stella says.
  24. After that's done, you let Stella into the lab. Luna lets out a cry of joy and immediately enlists you to move things while Stella teleports them out. It's hard work with all that Luna wants to move, and after a while, Jack comes in, "Luna, you're really using the Milia to carry your things around?" "You impertinent child," Luna mock-scolds, scurrying around, and you laugh, "It's fine, Jack."
  25. "Well if you are, I can't be lazy like this," Jack says, pitching in to help out. With his help, everything gets packed up relatively quickly, and the only thing left is for Stella to finish taking all the stuff out. "Jack, have you decided what we will do with the captive yet?" Luna asks, "And has she told anything yet?"
  26. Jack looks uncomfortable to be discussing this particular subject, but he answers anyway, "Kris went to do a last-minute interrogation. If it doesn't work, we will leave the prisoner to Logan's people." "Even though you know it's likely he will be glad to have that one in particular back?" Luna questions, and Jack nods once, sharply, "It's my decision. It'd be wrong to kill them because it'd be more like a wrongful execution. Whatever they are now, I can bet they weren't before Logan twisted them."
  27. At that moment, Kris enters, goes up to Jack and whispers confidentially in his ear. Luna raises her eyebrow expectantly and motions for someone to say it out loud. Reluctantly, Jack speaks, "She says she won't talk unless she can see the Milia."
  28. ~ Who do you like?

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