Don't leave me hanging part 33

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Welcome to the thirty-third part of my first story quiz! If you haven't already read the others, you might want to. Winners to the mini-contest are announced in this part! :)

Recap: You cheer up Owen, after a fight with Emilia, and find Jack in room where you learn that he just had a fight with Vixla, that black-haired girl with the gray eyes from the stage. Justin mind-contacts you and informs you that you should be in the foyer. When you arrive, Quincy comes out of the dark, holding a knife against Kris's throat.

Created by: xxblutixx

  1. "Fancy meeting you again," Quincy comments nonchalantly, holding the knife to Kris's neck as easily as if he were merely holding something non-lethal like a crayon or a rubber chicken, "Figures that an escaped prisoner has something to do with a jewelry heist. By the way, I never did catch your name?" You nervously adjust your mask. It's still on. How does Quincy know who you are? Kris couldn't have given you away, could he have?
  2. Kris isn't doing or saying anything and seems too still, even for him. As both he and Quincy approach, you notice that his feet aren't even moving; Quincy has to push him along. Actually, you realize that his eyes seem to be the only part of him that's moving. It's all very peculiar, so you decide to see if you can contact him with your power.
  3. Just like when you were training, you focus upon Kris, drawing up every perception you have of him. It works, and you're back again to that plain white space that you've come to associate with your power. Looking around, you find Kris right next to you. "_______, now isn't the time for this. Stop Quincy," he orders with a hint of urgency in his voice. "What's going on, Kris?" you ask him.
  4. "It's a trap. I'm paralyzed. Go before they get you too," Kris urges you. You return your thoughts to the present but waste a few precious seconds in your frenzied haste. The girl who was in the corner is already approaching you. You recognize her as one of the black-haired girls from the stage before the party started. Specifically, she's the one with the green eyes who was leaning on Quincy. Speaking of her eyes, what reminded you of emeralds before now remind you of poison, and you can guess it reflects what must have happened to Kris when the girl grins malevolently, showing two sharp upper fangs.
  5. You back away, reaching behind you to find the pedestal of the necklace so that you don't run into it. The girl increases her walking speed yet still seems to walk at a leisurely pace as if she knows you're not going to escape. Her long jet black hair is evidence of her slow pace as it hangs by her waist, hardly even swaying behind her.
  6. You don't want to make a run for it and leave Kris here with Quincy, so you decide to fight. You gather fire within you because, right now, you can see very good reasons to be passionately angry which will feed the fire. Apparently, you're more angry than you thought. You blink with surprise as almost instantly, violent, violet flames burst to life above both of your palms. Though they're not close to your body, you can feel the intense heat that they radiate.
  7. The girl has stopped walking and has her left arm across her body, supporting the elbow of her right arm. The fingers of her right hand are delicately rested against her cheek as she seems to be appraising you. "Quincy, darling, what would you have me do with this girl?" she asks, speaking for the first time you've seen her in a velvety even voice.
  8. "Same as the others, Layla," he responds. Layla, as her name must be, smiles, revealing her fangs again. "Don't come any closer," you warn her, the flames in your hands flaring higher. Her left eyebrow raises in an expression of contempt and boredom at your threat, and she wastes no time in lunging at you, spreading black wings to help her glide over to you. Wasting no time either, you put your hands together and shoot a jet of violet fire straight at her.
  9. However, the flames seem to reach an invisible force field in the air, visible only when the flames hit it. A few seconds later, though, Layla seems to have no problem passing through the same area, and seeing Quincy smiling triumphantly, you have a suspicion that the force field was his doing. Barely before you finish that thought, Layla falls suddenly out of the air and lands directly on you, biting your upper arm.
  10. You feel the sharp prick of her fangs, but it goes away soon, replaced by a numbness in the area. You can literally feel the poison or venom or whatever it is spread through your body as the cold, numb feeling radiates out from the bite area. Layla stands, dragging you up as she does. However, you still have enough motion to get yourself out of her grip and attempt to run away, shouting for help as you go. Your calls go unheeded, drowned out by the loud dance music, and you stumble after a yard or two, falling to the ground.
  11. Layla makes a "tsk" sound of disapproval as she literally drags you across the floor back to the corner she was standing in. Every step of the way, you struggle, but as time goes on, you're able to move less and less, and you're losing strength. Layla seems to get frustrated by you. "Stop it. Now," she says in a low voice that contains the subtle hint of a threat.
  12. You can barely move by now, but as a final act of rebellion, you dig your nails into her arm. She inhales sharply at the pain, but then grabs your arm and twists is easily. You can feel no pain, but you hear a sharp crack which can't be good. Drained of all possible movement now, you're unable to retaliate as you arrive in the corner. Layla lets you fall on the floor, and you realize that what you saw earlier on the floor is next to you now. It's Lacey.
  13. Her eyes are closed and the rosiness is gone from both her lips and cheeks, leaving a deathly pallor in its place. However, you can discern the faintest bit of breath escaping from her lips and a heartbeat, faint and fluttery, but a heartbeat all the same. Since there is nothing more to do here and anyway, the darkness makes it hard to see, especially at this angle, you retreat into the white place in your mind and contact Kris.
  14. There's a pure white couch this time that both of you are sitting on. Strange that you can neither tell whether it's soft or hard. It feels like it isn't even there, yet it's not insubstantial feeling either. "I can't believe we walked right into his trap," Kris says, leaning forward in his seat to cover his face in his cupped hands, "Are we that bad that he was able to pick up on our plan? I should've never consented to let you get into this. I knew I should've gone with my gut feeling."
  15. "Please don't," you request, "Don't blame yourself, Kris. It doesn't matter whose fault it is as long as we can get out of this alive. Now, what can we do?" He raises his head out of his hands, "I still should've not allowed this to happen, but I know, it isn't important right now." He sighs before he continues, "We need to alert Jack, quickly. I don't know what the rest of Quincy's plans are, but it could include the rest of the team or I-"
  16. He stops abruptly as both you and he cock your heads to listen to anewed sounds of struggle. "S***," Kris curses quietly, "They have someone else. I'll check it out and report back to you, but meanwhile, go, contact Jack as soon as possible. This is getting bad." You do as he tells you to, and soon Jack is standing in front of you in this white area. "_______, what's up?" he asks, looking slightly concerned.
  17. "Jack, we've fallen into a trap. Kris and I, Lacey and at least one more person. I don't know what to do! We've all been paralyzed by this girl called Layla. I think she's with Quincy. I don't know. It's all his doing. Quincy's. He was here waiting for me, using Kris as bait, and I-I couldn't just leave him like that. I couldn't. I don't know why he wants us or what he's planning to do, but, but..." you stop your explanation because you find you can't come up with any of the right words anymore. You're torn between breaking down into sobs or shouting curses into the air.
  18. "Hey, calm down," Jack says, stroking your hair soothingly, "Where are you right now?" "The foyer," you blurt out. "Okay, I'll be there soon," he says as he begins to fade away. "Wait! Don't come! It's what he wants," you warn, but he's already gone. You slump down into the couch, your face in your hands, and let out a frustrated scream to let out some of this emotion and tension.
  19. You take a deep breath and reflect. You can't stay alone here forever, so you decide to contact Kris again to see what happened. He appears next to you again, but he seems worn out as he has to take a deep steadying breath before responding to your question about who it was. "Stella and Cory," he reports, grinding his teeth and looking as if the news couldn't be worse, "They're still fighting. Is Jack coming? They need all the help they can get." You nod.
  20. "I wish so badly that I could do something to help, but I can't. Vampire venom isn't supposed to affect other vampires, so I don't know what special ingredient that girl has in her venom, but it's potent." Worried for his health, you put a hand to his forehead. "Your hand is cold," he comments. "And you're burning up," you respond, "That's not natural. You're always cooler than me." He shrugs half-heartedly, "There's not much we can do about it." You're hit by a sudden idea. Hopefully it isn't too late. "I'll be right back," you tell Kris. You end your communication with him and return to reality where you see bright flashes of color as whoever is still out there fights with Quincy and Layla. As much as you want to, you can't spend time paying attention to the fight because right now, there's nothing you can do for them.
  21. You concentrate on contacting Lacey, but it proves to be the most difficult communication you've ever attempted. For some reason, it doesn't seem to come naturally, and once you catch a hold of your suddenly elusive power, when you try to contact Lacey, you're met with a mental wall. It must be an effect of whatever poison was put into you. Steeling yourself, you push against the mental barrier. It conforms to your attempt, but once you stop actively working against it, it springs back again, almost as if you were attempting to breach a wall of Jell-o. You're determined to get in, though, and persist, doubling your effort by gathering all the last reserves of strength you have. Just like that, you're suddenly in. The only difference is that, instead of white, this area is black, much like the area that you used to meet up with Blake in when you were dreaming.
  22. Lacey is curled up on a bed that's just randomly here in the middle of nowhere. "_______?" she asks in a weak voice as you approach her. "Yes, it's me," you say softly. You hate seeing her so fragile when just earlier today she was bursting with life. "Lacey, you're the best expert on faerie magic I know. You have to know something that will stop this venom. Isn't there anything you can teach me so I can help you?" you ask her. "Oh, look at the golden butterflies," she says in a tone of wonderment, reaching up her hand into the air to touch something that isn't there.
  23. You slowly bring her hand back down, "Lacey, I need you to focus. What will get rid of vampire venom or poison?" Seemingly ignoring what you say, Lacey unfolds herself from her curled position and starts to get up. "Look at the butterflies, _______. Each one is unique, like each has a special purpose," she tells you in a dreamy voice, "And oh! They're all coming from that light over there." You hold her back by the shoulder as she tries to move forward, "Lacey, what are you tal-" You stop talking when you notice golden glimmers appearing and shimmering in the air. Upon closer inspection, you realize that they are indeed butterflies, winging their way through this empty place.
  24. You stare at the butterflies. What in the world is happening? Lacey pulls you ahead with renewed vigor, almost like an excited child. How did she regain her strength? She pulls you effortlessly along, almost looking like she's floating through the air doing so. The butterflies land upon her arms, her hair, her dress, and they settle in golden colonies that add the already present golden accents of her pale pink dress until she actually looks like she's glowing gold like an angel. She seems like the essence of a person, beautiful and glowing with youthfulness. You're in awe, but also scared. Is this the way that she's actually becoming angel, as in leaving the earth? "Why so worried, _______?" Lacey laughs as she touches your nose briefly, leaving behind golden glitter and butterflies (honestly you can't tell the difference anymore) upon your skin.
  25. Surprisingly, you can begin to feel warmth where she touched you, and the feeling spreads throughout your body, almost making your skin tingle with the feeling of electric energy. You've finally reached the light that Lacey was talking about, and she gently prods you forward, "They want you, _______, they're not here for me." "Who's 'they'?" you ask, looking back at Lacey through the light, but she already looks hazy and far away. "The butterflies, of course," she calls back before the light completely surrounds you.
  26. ~I wonder what happened? Well it'll have to wait until part 34. *chorus of boos* Before we get to the guy question, I'd like to announce the results of the mini-contest! *pre-recorded cheers* We had 8 people take the challenge of guessing which GTQ writer inspired me to start this series, and answer to the question is...
  27. xxdarkxx. The author of the first story quiz series on GTQ. AiFiahK3mE and Flight actually tied, so I'll post a tiebreaker on the comments page.
  28. Now, who do you like?

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