Does Your Family Hate You?

This quiz is about if your parent REALLY love you or if they REALLY hate you. Whatever you get on this quiz is wat you deserve fair and square!!! So YEA GREAT!!

Take my quiz! Its very fun and kinda depressing but that shouldn't stop you!! You'll hav fun I can't promise that you will but I can just say you will cuz I have nothing else to say THANK YOU!!!

Created by: M. Juelich of my own secret place
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  1. Do your parents ever say something mean to you and don't say that they are jking?
  2. Do you hav a bro or sis?
  3. If you do do they make fun of you?
  4. If you ask your mom a question what would she say?
  5. Does your family say I love you?
  6. Does your parents search your room?
  7. Have your parents ever fought about something but never fight over you?
  8. Hav your parents ever taken you to go shopping?
  9. Have you ever been punched at school and your family doesn't care?
  10. Have you ever fought with your parents?

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