How well do you know family guy?

Family Guy is one of the best shows out there. Do you think you can get 100% on this quiz and prove that you really do love this great show? Are you sure you paid attention when watching? Take the quiz and find out!

Have you ever wondered how well you'd score on you're favorite show? (Probably not) Take this quiz on Family Guy and find out if you truley know this show.

Created by: ll

  1. Through out the episodes peter has fights with what type of giant animal?
  2. What is this fight over?
  3. In one of the episodes, Peter becomes a Pirate, why?
  4. In the episode where Meg loves Brian, what word does Stewie keep on saying wrong?
  5. When Peter feels that Stewie is drifting away from him, where does he take him?
  6. What happens when Peter buys a fuzzy, red pair of pajamas?
  7. What animal does Peter bring to Chris to cheer him up?
  8. When Chris joins a band, what does he do in it?
  9. Lois's parents are:
  10. Lois finds out she has a brother, what does he do?
  11. What is the name of the "movie" that is making fun of starwars through out the entire show?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know family guy?