Da OFFICIAL Family Guy Quiz

This is a quiz for the real Family Guy fanatic so don't bother wasting your time taking this quiz if your not serious about passing it. Have fun and enjoy.

So if you want to find out if you are a Family Guy fanatic, then take this and in about a minute you will know the truth . . ARE YOU A FAMILY GUY FANATIC?!!

Created by: Luis

  1. Stewie always talks about killing who?
  2. Which of the following people isn't part of Peter's buddies?
  3. Who is Peter's boss?
  4. What animal is Chris always talking about who lives in his closet?
  5. Meg changes her name to what in the future?
  6. What college did Brian attend?
  7. Stewie's arch-nemesis is?
  8. Peter constantly gets into a fight with a:
  9. What is the bar that Peter and his friends always attend?
  10. Mayor West spent millions of the governments' tax money investigating what?
  11. Who's wife does Quagmire sleep with?
  12. Who does Peter date when a marriage counselor advises him and Lois to date other people?
  13. "The life of the wife was ended by the ___?___"?
  14. When Peter had liposuction, he joined what club?
  15. After Y2K happened, The Griffins looked for and found what type of factory?
  16. After seeing some old pictures in her old room back in her parent's house, Lois wants to pursue a career in?
  17. What type of films does Brian first start directing?
  18. Brian doesn't like what type of people?
  19. Meg wanted a job so that she can afford what?
  20. How did Joe become handicap?
  21. What is Cleveland's wife's name?
  22. How did Peter become blind?
  23. When Lois became obese, what caused her to become thin again?
  24. Who is Peter's biological father?
  25. Peter's biological father accepts Peter as his own son when Peter defeats him in a game of?
  26. Joe joins the special olympics after who motivates him to?
  27. Quagmire works as a?

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