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  • Order I got:
    He TOTALLY likes you

    Girl, he's in LOVE with you! How could ever have doubted it? Come on, he likes you. If you're still not sure, wait til he makes a move. Keep confident and keep a watchful eye! He'll ask you out soon!

    He likes you.
    He thinks you're cool.
    He is fighting over it.
    Not really.

    I asked him if he likes me and he said no. :/ I still really like him. ;)

  • Yay! He likes me! OMG last week I asked him out in a note and gave it to him at the very end of the dsy. sadly he wasnt here the next day and now it's Spring Break and i won't get my answer till the 30th :(

  • Omg he likes me *smiling* lol

  • Good he doesn't like me lol


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