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  • I'm sorry but the quiz is a little inaccurate..

    Good effort, but i just took this out of complete boredom.

    My result was Maybe there's someone else..

    I've loved my guy since grade 2. We dated while ago, and the only reason we broke up was because one of my friends likes him too...

    I love him more than anything, actually. He knows it. Its been 7 months and we're still not over each other at ALL.

    after grade 3, i moved away, and hadn't seen him until just last year at the beginning of grade 9. My feelings for him are stonger than any feelings i've had for any other guy i've ever met. It's practically inexplainable. I can't gush to you enough how much i'm in love with him.

  • Do you really, truly like your crush?
    Your Result: You do not like him. At All.

    You don't like the guy you think your crushing on. Maybe you like him because all the girls do, and he's the hottest guy in school, but trust me, you really do not like him.

    What! This quiz sucks! I loove my crush! But I'm not so nervous to talk to him. He sits behind me in school. So I can't really look at him unless I turn around. Hes really funny.

    Miss Vampire
  • I have a crush name Adam. I try saying bye to him, but I didn't need know he already went home until I saw his backpack . Almost all the time I stare at him. I think there were sometimes where he caught me. Now, he sometimes glances at me! The reason why I like him is because he looks like my crush from another school. Also, I like him because he's pretty funny and nice. One time, one of my friend said, "You should sit with him." I said, "Nah." So she said we should walk to the lost and found ( we ate outside ). So when I walked pass him I said, "HI. He's not gonna say hi back? Wow ( I said that in five second XD ). My friend said, "His face was like *Of course I can't show faces or I can't describe it*( it was a, "what the heck" face ). Anyways, the two days later, ( aka, yesterday ) after school, he was doing a weird thing 3 or 4 feet away from me and I said, "Dude are you ok?" He just look at me smiling then ran away with his little brother. Today ( 9/14/18) it was free time. Every Friday we did something fun. Anyways he was running and I said, "Are you ok?" He replied, "No." then he just ran to his friends playing games. Their are girls talking to him which makes me freaking jealous ( but their nice ), but idk what is the point if I don't want to be married. Anyways, I hope to talk to him next week! To all of ya'll guys who have crush, start simple by saying hi and bye everyday. Good luck! Btw, he went to the office due to an injury, so that's why he was alone. Also, they are not in the right order. 1. Staring 2. Saying hi 3. Him glancing at me 4. him doing a weird thing 5. Saying are you ok. You may find this's post in another quiz!

  • Um u r wrong. i love my crush. For the last 4 years. my frnds say i must be mad. Cuz we never talk (although he knows that i like him) and he isnt xactly the 'hot' type. I still love him, I loved him when be became bald and everybody practically laughed at him, I love him when he does stupid things and I love him even on the day he looks most imperfect. I will always love him, even when he goes to college next year and I know I will never see him again.( India is a vast country) :'[. I will miss him but i wont stop loving him :l

  • Somebody else? Well sorry but no. He's in my group of friends I see him every day, he's in most of my lessons and he's always talking to me he's just like my best friend really :)

  • It's not accurate for shy people

  • Lol, I like my crush. My best friend says I'm totally in love with him, but I just act like he's just some other kid who could be my friend if he wanted to. I never act like I love him, but he always flirts with mehh... I love it xDDD

    Loony Luna
  • I like my crush.

    Pretty accurate, I met him a few weeks ago properly and started crushing on him.

    A Rose
  • .....and there is absolutely nothing wrong with him. he is perfect and even when he messes's adorable :)

  • Your Result: You like your crush!

    You're on a fine line here. Your crush is great, but maybe there's just one thing you don't like about him. Does he have a bad laugh? Gross teeth? Either way, try to relax around him and get to know him better, maybe you'll end up getting past the thing you don't like

    well duh. i also took this quiz out of boredom. btw, i am now going out with my crush and he loves me and i love him too.

  • Cool quiz... ARE YOU BORED? Then please take my quiz, ranked #75:

    "Who are you in your circle of friends?"
    You know you want to find out... ;)

  • i got there is someone else out there but that i like to and his name is Rily and others that i took the quiz on was Jordan

  • i think this is stupid because this is like so easy

    Love Lincoln
  • so i really did not agree with your results but you made a good effort. Keep it up :)

  • The equivalent of eggs (monkey balls).

  • Umm... I have a skirt with the Word whatever on and a have one with dont waste my time on...

  • This quiz sucked............. ..........eggs.

  • this quiz is ok

  • LOVED IT!! It says im in loooove with my crush. I SO am.


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