Do you really know Twitter?

Hello! I've made a few quizes before. This one is really cool! This quiz is mainly about how much you know about Twitter! Are you a Tweeting kno-it-all? Or have a Tweet-less brain? Take this quiz to find out! It's EASIER then signing up for Twitter!

Uhhhh. What I said up there! ^^ Well this takes 150 charecters soooo.... Um hi I'm Me and I'm 12 years old. I really like Twitter and MSP! So I could care less right now! Just tell your cat/dog about how your bf/gf dumped you. Cuz I can't really hear you.

Created by: Say wha

  1. Do you Re-Tweet something or Copy and Paste?
  2. Can you Re-Tweet more then one thing in an hour?
  3. Is there a "Following" limit?
  4. Is there a Twitter 2.0?
  5. Can you message people if y'all aren't "Following" each other?
  6. Is there banned words?
  7. Caan you "Follow" ANYBODY?
  8. Does Miley Cyrus AND Taylor Swift have a Twitter?
  9. Does it ban s*xual sentences or refferances?
  10. Why did the cow cross the road?
  11. This is the last question.

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Quiz topic: Do I really know Twitter?