How well do you know Straub?

Welcome to the StrauberryJam quiz! Do you have the ways of completing this quiz! Once you finish it use the #KevinStrauberryQuiz on twitter and show me how you did! Tweet this to Straub also!

Now do you really think you know Straub? If you were here before 75K subs than im sure you can take this! Just use your brain, some can also improve your Reading skills ;)

Created by: Kevin

  1. What's Straubs First name?
  2. What Year was Straub born in?
  3. What was Straub's most popular series during his Early Youtube days?
  4. Where does Straub live?
  5. Who did Straub kill in Cube uhc season 2? (No longer in the group)
  6. What was Straub's most least common Death during seasons 1-9?
  7. What Structure did Straub build in UHC Season 2 at 0,0
  8. Who is his current roommate?
  9. What is Straub's First series?
  10. What does Straub mostly battle in with his uhc seasons? (Make an inference)
  11. Did Straub quit the Cube at some point, and what episode?
  12. What did Straub do for 100K?
  13. What did Straubs First skin looked like? (During Youtube)
  14. What did Straub do for 5k subs?
  15. What Was Straub's First shop was? (Its gone now)
  16. What word does Straub not spell wrong (on purpose)
  17. How old is Straub? (Did you do the math from question 2)
  18. Did Straub play Club penguin with Graser a couple years back? (Pat did, fun fact there)
  19. How many views did Straub's Most popular video at this time, October 2014? (Hint: Pixelmon)
  20. Does StrauberryJam's backup twitter (@Strauberry69) Follow the amazing creator of the quiz @CPKevink1243?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Straub?