How well do you know Twitter?

We all have heard about Twitter! How well do you know it? Do you know the difference between junk and gold? How high to do you rank among users? Are you a Twitter Master? Or, are you still waiting to hatch?

Hey, you. Yeah! You! You've probably been on a spree of quizes, anyway! Why not try this one and test your knowledge about the website known as Twitter?

Created by: Moébeetus

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  1. It's the middle of a big sports game! You're sitting on Twitter and you see the trending topics. Which stands out to you as the most amusing trend?
  2. "That's a lot of tweeting! You've hit your daily limit. Please try again later."
  3. You know you've hit the bad side of RP Twitter when you see...
  4. You know a good retweet is one that...
  5. You know that jailed means...
  6. When looking through the discovery tab you...
  7. Which Client do you use?
  8. Time spent on Twitter...
  9. There are many different factions of Twitter. How many can you name?
  10. You usually follow...
  11. What year was Twitter founded?
  12. Who is the Founder of Twitter?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Twitter?