Do you like peanutbutter?

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what was your score? what do you know about peanutbutter figure that out by taking this quiz good luck cause this is very hard ok so bye hope you have fun!

um i dont know what to write well hi how you doing you:good; oh oh thats great; you:well i'm gonna leave now bye have fun GIRL no not really have a horrible time

Created by: crazy turkey

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Who invented peanutbutter?
  2. what brand do you like?
  3. What weapon would you use to fight a peanutbutter monster?
  4. do you like stripes (jelly and peanutbutter in same jar)
  5. the quiz is over!
  6. peanutbutter...
  7. i like turtles! this doesnt affect your score
  8. willy wonka
  10. this is the last question, you feel...

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Quiz topic: Do I like peanutbutter?