They Say Love Is Forever

I have absolutely no idea what to put here so... I'm just gonna be random. Okay? Glad we understand XD I LIKE PICKLES!! PEANUT BUTTER OS AMAZING. I hate school. Read my quiz please ^-^

I hope you enjoy the quiz! I'm going random again. If you think onions are the only food that can make you cry, you're wrong, I threwa coconut at my friends fface. He cried.

Created by: BarneyIsScary

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  1. "Alayna!!" Uncle Tom yells. I sit up, looking at my clock and scaring the crap out of my bunny. 7:20. Oh, great. Late on the first day ofschool. I run to my closet, grab a blue v-necked longslserved, throw it on my bed, run to my dresser, grab my white shorts, throw them on my bed, grab socks, and my black DCs. "Alayna!!! You up?" He yells from the kitchen. I get dressed as quickly as I can and run downstairs. I grab a piece of toast, slather peanut butter on, and run back to the bathroom.
  2. I look in the mirror at the black mess piled on top of my head with a sigh. I attack it with a brush and plug my straightener in. My phone bings. 'Alayna! Hurry up! You want a ride or no? Braxton wants to leave!' Yolanda texted me. I pause for a minute and think why her parents hated her so much to name her Yolanda. Moving on.. I straighten my hair, grab my bag, and hug Uncle Tom. While Mum and Dad are away, Tom takes care of me(since he has absolutely no social life). I walk out the door and Yolanda calls. "Hello?" I say, answering. "Alayna Joe Bauer!" Yolanda screams. "Speaking. May I ask who this is?" I smile, even though she can't see me. "You're a complete and utter idiot and I don't know how you're lucky enough to have someone as amazing as me as your friend." I hear Braxton-her twin brother- laugh in the background. "Look, are you guys picking me up or no? Cus I need to know this." I say quickly. Braxton takes the phone. "Yeah, we're on our way right now, Alayna. See ya then." He says, then hangs up.
  3. I sit on the curb and wait. In about 5 minutes, Braxton and Yolanda come around the corner in their black old Chevy pickup. I stand up, and Braxton helps me up. Yolanda gags. "Shut up, you're just jealous that I never help you into trucks." Says Braxton. "As IF! You're my brother. That's just weird." Yolanda argues. When Braxton laughs, she makes an annoyed noise in the back of her throat. "At least mom and dad didn't hate me enough to name me Yolanda." He mumbles. I laugh, and Yolanda glares at me. "Oh, shut up, Yolanda. You know Braxtons right." I admit. In result, Yolanda sits in silence on the way to school.
  4. "How was your summer, Alayna?" Asks Braxton, nudging me with his elbow. I shrug. "It was okay, I guess. I just wish mum and dad would hurry up and come back home. Uncle Tom is 24. He acts 85. Mum and dad at least let me hang out with you guys." I say. He nods, smiling as though he's done something right. "You know, they're having the beginning of the year dance for freshmen this year? We finally get to do something other than stand awkwardly in the cafeteria like last year." Yolanda finally pipes up. "I hope Jake Millers asks me out. He is so hot!" She squeals. Braxton laughs and rolls his eyes in annoyance. "No. I hope he doesn't."
  5. "Why not?" I ask Braxton. "Because, he's a freaking player and I don't want him hurting my sister." He answers simply. "What if he asked me?" I ask. "Well, I'd have to rip his throat out." Braxton sneaks a look at me. "Just kidding. I'd get extremely jealous and sit in a corner and be a loner." He says. I laugh. "Braxton, you're popular. Any girl would kill to go to the dance with you." I say. He smiles, showing his white teeth and dimples. He turns and looks at me at a red light. His blue-grey eyes pop. His freckles stand out of his tan skin. His brown hair flopsin his eyes. My heart skips a beat.
  6. "Alayna Joe Bauer," Braxton says looking in to my eyes. "Would you go to the fall dance with me?"
  7. "Um. Ew. Braxton, the lights green." Yolanda says. "Braxton Michael Draper. I would love to go to the fall dance with you." He grabs myhand and we go to school.
  8. I look in the mirror. My black hair is straightened, my layers are crazy, my green eyes are half covered my black bangs, my face is pale as always, and my freckles are as bold as ever. But some things different about me. I'm not sure what it is and I'm not sure if I like it. I'm 115 pounds soaking wet, I wear a size 1 jeans, and a size 7 shoe. My body is oddly proportioned. My eyelashesare insanely long. I ddon't see why he likes me. I'm 5'3 feet tall.
  9. I get out of the truck and see a new guy. I know I just said yes to Braxron, but this guy is HAWT!!!
  10. I hope you liked my quiz!!!!!

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