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It's a dedication. My title says that. Now Im gonna sing "gotta secret? can you keep it? swear this one you'll save, better lock it in your pocket, taking this one to the grave. If i show you then I know you won't tell what i said cuz two can keep a secret if one of them is dead (:"

Sings "Sorry for party rocking!" I like pickles. do you like pickles? pickles are good. green sour skittles are good too. People are good. I like guitars.

Created by: Aria

  1. It's okay to feel down, it's okay when you fall and bruise your knee because it's all part of life and I'm sure there'll be someone to pick you up when you fall. After all, you're a warrior and warriors don't land on their face, they land on their feet.
  2. First of all, to natuhleegayle. She's been there for all of us from the very start, she's encouraged all of us to write because when we saw her beautiful writing skills, we wanted to see if we've got talent as well. natuhleegayle is MY encouragement and without her sweetness, kindness, and ability to push me, I don't know where I'll be today.
  3. natuhleegayle is always there to cheer someone up, and she alwasys succeeds. I know there are people who ADORE her beyond limits and it's a shame we can't meet her in real but she's been a real hero, whether it is by internet or actual. She's a true friend and she'll be there till the very end of things. Don't miss a chance to communicate with her. She's wonderful
  4. natuhleegayle's first story was a HUGE hit. I mean look at the comments. "HogwartsLove said: Nov 14 '11, 5:12PM: I can't tell you how many times I've retook these quizzes of yours (I'm talking all of them in a row again). I just can't wait for your next one, so for now I'll take you're amazing current one! :-D" "xxblutixx said: Feb 1 '12, 5:56PM: Okay, I'm going to try and read through all of these again. Every time before I've gotten interrupted >:( Seventh time's the charm, right? ;P" "PersonXD said: Jul 24 '11, 12:34PM i love that u made it long and i got neville!XD" Do you see how happy she makes people? We have to continue to support her all the way!
  5. Now, to HogwartsLove. She wants to quit. We are going to stop her. She cannot quit otherwise PICKLES WILL HUNT HER DOWN AND EAT HER BOOKS! Sorry, that's the effect of eating chocolate syrup in the morning. Yes, I like to chew my syrup. Anyway, she cannot quit because Oliver has to propose and she is an amazingly incredibly wonderfully truly beautiful writer! Look at the comments people said when she wanted to quit. "5thMarauder said: Apr 12 '12, 9:39AM *GASP* HogwartsLove,please keep writing! Your quizzes inspire everyone!! I look EVERY day to see if you have updated! I think everyone loves the way you write,even if you don't.But you should,cuz you don't know your beautiful! lol,sorry I felt like writing that cuz, its gotta be YOU!! eh sorry,I like those songs ^.^ anyway, I hope Oliver proposes soon -_- You cannot quit and you are not going too fast with the years(in the quiz!) the scenes seem so real and they are so emontional! I grin like a lunatic when I read some of them and the people around me think I'm going crazy(but that happened years ago!) We all love you to death!" "natuhleegayle said: Apr 11 '12, 9:14PM Hey girl, first of all... I'm about contact my local internet provider, ask for your I.P address, have one of the people translate to tell me your location, drive/fly/swim/walk (that would be creepy if you were my neighbor) to your house and cry and shake some sense into you. When I read you were thinking of quitting, honestly, I felt so down. You're an amazingly talented gifted writer! Every time, I read your quizzes they're so realistic; they bring a smile to my face, they make me cry in a good way and I want to take them forever. You, and everyone else, are my inspiration and motivation. Your writing style is beautiful, you're a sweet genuine girl who is one of many that I love here. Honestly, at times, when you or @Bluebird or @_ViolaLover_ and etc post a new quiz, I get so envious with your writing styles, I say to myself "Maybe I should just stop..." Seriously, don't stop! I think that was my pathetic attempt to make you realize that you're an amazing writer (but bear with me, I just woke up and I have an essay, evaluation and 1234567890 bio questions due in the morning) Don't ever think that pleaaaase! If you quit, I'll lock myself in a closet or go on a fat holiday. I don't know, I just know if you quit or anyone else for that matter, I might just do the same..." "_ViolaLover_ said: Apr 11 '12, 7:46PM When I read that you thought about quitting, my heart stopped, no joke. I need to be more motivational, I'll go comment on your quiz every four days saying how much I miss your writing from now on =P You'll get so fed up with me that you'll HAVE to post the new one! You're an amazing writer, and I think that the way you've been moving through the years is fine! Sure Natuhleegayle has a couple more chapters than you, but that's just her writing style! You've got yours, and I LIKE yours! Don't quiz, or think about it ever again! >.> you know what? Just because you're you, I'm going to go find an amazing quote and post it on here. And you're going to love it, (maybe) and you're going to say "Wow, that's so inspiring, I'll keep writing for sure!" oh yes, you will ;)" You see why she can't quit? GTQ will be a wreck if she quit !
  6. HogwartsLove quizzes are the most popular and it's wonderful. If she quits, I don't know what we'll do without her. She can't just quit because ONE person tell her she's not good enough or they've seen better. Constructive criticism is a good thing. It's shows you how you can be better. Well HogwartsLove doesn't need to be better because she's already VERY AWESOME! If I could, I would bake an enormous cake saying "HogwartsLove, you are amazing!" or I would get one of those airplanes to write a messgae across the sky
  7. Additionally, I move on to Missy Prissy Cat. Jeez, where to start? She is THE most honest, amazing and fantastic person I know. She's like one of those rare diamonds you find every five hundred years. Her comments always make people smile (:
  8. Missy Prissy Cat is always in an attempt to make someone happy if they're down. Look at this comment she made for me, " Missy Prissy Cat said: Apr 11 '12, 9:50PM Aria... it's really shocking when you've just finished your homework on "internal conflict" and then this happens. I know whatever you're going through is hard and depressing, but you've got to understand that people (including me) have faith in you as a person. Do you think we'd praise you if you weren't worth it? Do you think we'd donate our time on this planet earth to spotlight you if you didn't deserve it? DO YOU THINK that we would just ignore everything you've done for us? I certainly wouldn't. No not in a million years would I ever just forget you. I mean I know I'm new, I'm not going to say I've been here a long time and blah blah blah because it'd all be a lie. I am going to say, for the time I've known you... you've made a huge impact on me. Not just because I know you and we both like TRB, but I really feel like there's hope for this world when I see you supporting all these people. I'm not saying I've never seen people support people on the internet because I have, but I just want you to know that you have taken it to a level that you would put other people above yourself. I'm not going to lie, that's an accomplishment. So many people on the internet just rip apart the opinions and voices of others. You don't... at all. I mean to put in simplest terms, the time that I have gotten to know you (which is roughly two weeks) YOU ARE A GOOD PERSON I'm going to repeat that until it gets in your head YOU ARE A GOOD PERSON YOU ARE A GOOD PERSON YOU ARE A GOOD PERSON. Don't you deny it okay, don't say "Oh thank you but I'm not worth it" NO YOU ARE WORTH IT. I don't know who did this to you, but let me tell you, whatever they did is terrible if they made you feel, and I quote "useless" "worthless" and so on. It's easier said than done, but don't feel this way. Just don't YOU ARE A GOOD PERSON YOU ARE A GOOD PERSON YOU ARE A GOOD PERSON. If you don't believe me, believe yourself. Look through ALL your comments, and get back to me. YOU ARE A GOOD PERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and there's another one to show her true self. "Missy Prissy Cat said: Apr 11 '12, 11:07PM Hmm, I hope you are actually feeling better. I know that if I had a problem I'd keep it to myself as well. However if you are genuniely feeling better I deeply apologize for my accusation, I am afterall a bit of a questioner. Anyways, for the hell of putting it out there, my dream is to meet Dan Povenmire. Don't know who he is? He's a television genius. He's had some part in ALL yes ALL of my favourite cartoons. However he's mostly known for being the producer/writer/voi ce actor of (wait for it) Phineas and Ferb. My favourite show OF ALL TIME. So, if you think you're the biggest dork here, think again. Now I admit, people think I'm weird because of this. I mean I made YES I made by hand a mural to Ferb (my favourite character) and put in inside my locker. I wear t shirts of other things I adore, like Batman, The Beatles, and even things like The Muppets (oh yeah if you say anything about The Muppets you are going down) I'm not at all bragging about my dorkiness, it's just who I am. Being a dork isn't a bad thing, it's not. Heck, do you know that basically every successful and famous person in the world was once a dork! Dorks rule the world... no I'm not kidding, do you think the cool kids of today are going to be our world leaders when they grow up? It's NOT impossible but it's probably going to be challenging. You read, study, practice, and work ALL the time. Do they do all of that now? So my point is being a dork basically means that we have more potential to become something really great. I mean we've already memorized every line, studied every aspect, and defended our opinions with pride. Why not use our skills and knowledge to make the world a better place? Yeah so just putting that out there in response for the older comment about being weird and so on. Now if you'll excuse me, my fandom needs me." Isn't she amazing and astonishing in a mind-blowing way ! (:
  9. To my sister now, TheRecklessBam. I've supported her all through the year and last year and I know she's grateful. People need to see how amazingly talented she is because her quizzes are as some people would say "off tha hookk" LOL. I know it's a mini shout out but it's to show how much of a great friend she is. She and HogwartsLove along with natuhleegayle can be the next J.K. Rowling(s) (:
  10. Now, to my NEXT internet sister, singin234. She's bubbly and very outgoing. I think she deserves a round of applause because she's always there, supporting people she love and standing up for what she believes in (:
  11. Now to xxblutixx. Words can't describe what this girl has done for me. It's wonderful and I can't thank her enough. I wish there was more people like her, natuhleegayle, TheRecklessBam, HogwartsLove. She's one of the people who does nice things for other people to make them feel good (:
  12. And to all those people out there, remember: Just eat pickles, green sour skittles, and cucumbers. Just kidding. Just remember that you must live life to the fullest as tomorrow may never be (: Friends and family are out there who love you even though you might not notice it! (:

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