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Such a sad day befalls upon us. Excuse me if I made this quiz a bit weird and offending towards some and just odd since this is my first dedication quiz and I'm not the touchy touchy type of person.

I will be making more of these later on as more people will leave D: But that's for the future and everything will work out just alright. To the best of luck for Mockingbird. Raise your glasses!

Created by: Ivoryleaf

  1. As you all know, Mockingbird, a fantastic writer of GTQ is leaving ):
  2. We may not know each other but I do feel that this quiz deserves to be made for such a wonderful, beautiful soul.
  3. I don't have an incredible story to tell or some incredibly wise words to say but I will try my best since she was just so special in a way. It makes me sad and even more sad to think that she's leaving and never coming back like do you not realize that she is never coming back. Lord.
  4. So it all started with a prologue for Supernatural Studies. I am a big fan of Dannica and she has inspired such an astounding writer as Mockingbird and I checked it out. At first it was like any other quiz. But then it's not. There isn't just 'any other quiz' because all of them are just as deep and hold values that we don't really see. It left me with this feeling that reminds me of rain on a Sunday morning with the wind blowing through the trees. Some things are so ordinary, they are just..not. They are so much more. Not that ANY writing of Mockingbird is ordinary. There is so much charm and personality of the writing that it was mindblowing. I left such a long comment perhaps in my giddiness.
  5. And then the first two parts came out. I wasn't so so so excited but I wasn't bored when I read it. It was that..feeling but there's so much more. I feel like I was just so compelled to it. I'm sorry if anyone takes this the wrong way that I wasn't bouncing off the walls reading the series but in a way, it's a deeper sense. I'm not proud to say I haven't continued after that. I wondered what happened during the period of time. I would have seen Supernatural Studies transform into some pegasus on a unicorn over a rainbow but I just didn't. That honestly makes me sad and regretful.
  6. As you know all I'm rambling about is the writing. Of course. I don't know Mockingbird that well but I do feel it's necessary to say a proper goodbye. I didn't have time to gather everyone's opinion and quotes since this was on the whim and I am just so reminiscent these days and a lot of free time too procrastinating. Hold up I'm not done.
  7. I didn't make this quiz to say don't leave or something. I respect that people have their choices and whatever is going to happen, it's for the best so let it be. But it will be sad to not see the name 'Supernatural Studies' appear on the new quizzes list and me clicking it and scrolling over it because some crazy part of me is attached to all things good and never wanting it to end. I hope you do continue writing because Mockingbird, you are so much more.
  8. So goodbye.
  9. Who am I kidding how can I be so calm about this I'm going to miss you so much it's just I have no idea what gotten into me. I wish you the best! Even if you're gone already, Mockingbird.

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