Are you peanut?

There are many people in this planet, but most are not called a peanut. According to this quiz, a peanut is someone who acts out of order, lacks the knowledge of the outside world, and has a bad personality.

If you think you are a decent human being, prove it by taking this quiz. If your result says you are a peanut, try to fix your flaws before retaking this quiz, and get help if you cannot fix several of your problems alone.

Created by: Quicksilver VIII

  1. What are your marks like? (Passed means an exam grade of 50% or more)
  2. Do you get mad when people beat you in something you are good at?
  3. How would you rate your effort in class or at work?
  4. How many friends do you have?
  5. How many people hated you, for any reason? (You can substitute class) for colleagues
  6. When making a quiz, do you normally put useless questions such as "Did you enjoy this quiz?" for the last 2-3 questions?
  7. When you were in high school, did you choose subjects that would help you later in life? (Widely spoken languages count if you want to go to the countries speaking that language.)
  8. Do you break the rules at school or work?
  9. What was the worst thing you did at school or work?
  10. How much income from work do you earn?
  11. Are you overconfident?
  12. Have you ever been beaten by your enemies when it does matter?
  13. Did you do your homework when you were at school?
  14. Have you ever cheated in an exam?
  15. How much excercise do you do each week?
  16. Have you ever failed to achieve your goals?
  17. Do you often take large risks?
  18. Do you act strangely compared to everyone else?

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