heyo im bored so please take this!

Ok so you can add your own question to this quiz yep that says it all so I like peanut butter and la la la I shoulda bought you flowers and held your hand...

ok so you can add your own question to this quiz yep that says it all so I like peanut butter la la la the one that got away... the one that got away!

Created by: wolf_heart

  1. Ok hi! You can add your own question th this quiz!
  2. Remember to click "create a quiz" then you can log in here at the side! Just type in. The password which you get in the results and the name.
  3. Don't. Be innapropriate and ONLY ADD A QUESTION!!! If you mess with anything then I will suspend this quiz and report you.
  4. Hey its wolf_heart! I need advice! If you are a guy and you know what guys like in girls and care about and don't care about please comment! PLEASE!!
  5. Hey I'm BTRfreak aha. If you know a cure to Bieber Fever, & One Direction Infection, please tell me.. I. Need. Help.
  6. Sorry wolf_heart, I'm not a guy so I wouldn't know... BTRfreak- think of all of the weird/unattractive things 1D and JB do. Like that one 1D dude farts all of the time (Neill I think is his name.) Plus, JB got a bad rap because he broke some little elderly lady's camera when she tried to take a picture of him . Or watch one of the 1D or JB movies. They always disgust me. Hope it helps. -GabiGirl
  7. Heyo, Rave098 here. Pie is awesome, dogs rule, and to a friend of mine, CATS ARE NOT THE BEST!
  8. Heyo! It's LuckyFirefly here, just wanting to say that waffles are amazing, Bruno Mars is awesome, and have a great summer! Btw wolf_heart, you ROCK! :D
  9. hi have u done my favourite colour quiz? my username is _Magic
  10. Hi I am also bored! Anyone want to chat :)

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