If your bored as cheese this is the quiz for you

i hope you are bored and ready to be pelted with cheese and butter otherwise you may be severely dissapointed maybe you need more buttermmmmmmmm....butter

this is a disgraceful wombat here shoot him to proceed am proud of you for completing your jackalope dutiesso i hope you enjoy the umbrellas i mean wombats i mean quiz

Created by: beata

  1. Are you dead inside?
  2. are you okay?
  3. what is your favorite color?
  4. how was your day?
  5. what is going through your mind right now?
  6. were you wrong?
  7. is cheese delicious
  8. are the jackalopes eating cheese or pancakes
  9. words are hard
  10. does yo need more wombats in your lyfe

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Quiz topic: If my bored as cheese this is the quiz for you