Who'll be your love? 2

Hi, this is number 2 and number 3 will be coming soon! It may not be THAT funny but i was half rushing so my mom wouldn't find out i wasn't showering yet! Number 3 will be hilarious, though! PROMISE!


Created by: Bella
  1. "Well _____, you're not human," Zac said. "You're a crystic."
  2. "Well, a crystic is a person that can summon mystical creatures and can use all four elements like fire,water,air, and earth," Zac explained. "But, because of the law, you're an outlaw. Because there was this big war against the crystics and humans, and many people died." "The humans are terrified of crystics and think they are a danger to all," Zac said. "But we won't let them hurt you, we will protect you. I promise!"
  3. "I'll teach you how to use your powers tomorrow, ok?," Zac said. "I bet your too suprised to fight." Zac leaves and you're all alone. You were suprised as Zac said and finally go inside. Suddenly, someone pulls you in a room and pins you to the floor. It was Josh. "He told you the news, didn't he?" Josh asked.
  4. "You know, I have a secret," Josh grinned. "I really like you _____, you're really beautiful. I won't let anyone hurt you! Promise! Ok?"
  5. Josh leaves and you find Seth painting. He blushes and looks down. You see his picture. It's you with a bright pink dress with a ribbon to match! "I uh, made this for you!" Seth says.
  6. "Uh..," Seth says. "Gotta go!" Seth runs somewhere.
  7. You run into Jacob, who's writing in a notebook. "Hey..um _____, will you go on a date with me, please?" he asks.
  8. You decide that you should go on a date with Jacob since the boys did save you from the burgalur. That night, you need to get dressed, what do you wear?
  9. You go with Jacob in your oufit and go to the restaraunt. when you both are seated jacob hands you chocaletes and a poem.
  10. you eat and talk and you realize that you're having a blast! Jacob laughs at all your jokes but you can tell he's a little nervous.... "So, are you cool being a crystic?" he asked. "yeah," you say. Suddenly, there's a big crash in the window and everyone screams. you hear someone say "Give me all your MONEY!" and suddenly someone grabs you and points a gun on your head! "Or I'll shoot her brains out!"
  11. Cliffhanger, again! Sorry but I gotta go to sleep be4 my mom catches me. It really wasn't that funny, i know but i was half rushing through this. but number #3 will be better! see ya and who do you love?

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Quiz topic: Who'll be my love? 2