Do you know The Vampire Diaries?

There are many vampire diaries fans...but few truly TVD family...The vampire diaries is one of the best shows on earth and to be a family of it is amazing...!*

Are you the Vampire diaries family type..can you really be part of the mysterious world ? Can you trust the family could vampire or are you to scared to be TVD family

Created by: Veron

  1. Who dies in the end and wakes up a vampire?
  2. With who are Alaric link with a spell?
  3. Who does Klaus Fancy of?
  4. Which Brother did Elena met first?
  5. Who killed Klaus?
  6. Who drove off the bridge when Rebecca stand in frond of the car?
  7. Who does Stefan Saves?
  8. Rebecca is the sister of?
  9. Who does Caroline love?
  10. Who turned Katherine?

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Quiz topic: Do I know The Vampire Diaries?