How Well Do You Know TVD?

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There are many people who claim to know everything about The Vampire Diaries. But do they really? Could they answer any question about the show or books?

So are YOU a super fan who knows all about the show? Just take 30 short, easy questions and find out. Please, don't just google the answers; only you will know your real score.

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  1. What song is played during Jenna Sommers' funeral?
  2. Who did Elena date, previous to Stefan?
  3. How many episodes of The Vampire Diaries are in Season 1?
  4. Which of the cast members speaks Bulgarian?
  5. Is Paul Wesley dating anyone on set?
  6. If Paul Wesley is dating someone on set, who?
  7. Who is played by Sara Canning?
  8. Which of the cast members created his/her own foundation?
  9. Who is the ORIGINAL doppelganger?
  10. Who said.... " Rick, hey. When did you return to the living?" (3x10)
  11. Who wrote the Vampire Diaries books?
  12. Where is Caroline's 18th birthday held?
  13. Who was NOT at Caroline's birthday party?
  14. In which episode does Rose die?
  15. In what year did most of the flashbacks of Mystic Falls occur?
  16. In the season 3 finale, who died, causing Rebekah to send Matt's car over the bridge?
  17. Who won the Miss Mystic Falls pageant in season 1?
  18. Who is/was Pearl?
  19. What is the Originals' last name?
  20. What is the bond called that Tyler has/had to Klaus?
  21. What type of wood was the original Wickery Bridge made of?
  22. What is Katherine's real name?
  23. Who is Elena's biological mother?
  24. In their human lives, who did Stefan and Damon fall in love with?
  25. What human do Stefan and Damon fall in love with?
  26. What color is the dress Klaus gives to Caroline for the ball?
  27. When is the TVDS4 premiere?
  28. Who plays Vicki?

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