Do You Know "Dork Diaries"?

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Once upon a time in an awesome place. A kid named CreeperExplosion02 created an ultimate test on the books... "Dork Diaries". This quiz was made for experts on the book. Do you have what it takes to beat the ultimate test!?

Scores range between 0% and 90%. The last question does not count against you. Please be polite in the comments. I hate when people say bad words or mean things in the comments.

Created by: CreeperExplosion02
  1. Ready for my quiz?
  2. ( Easy ) Who is the main character?
  3. ( Medium ) What happens to Nikki and Brandon at the end of the 7th book.
  4. ( Easy ) What kind of school does Nikki go to?
  5. ( Easy ) What's the name of Nikki's band?
  6. ( Hard ) What does Nikki look like?
  7. ( Easy ) What school does Nikki Maxwell attend?
  8. ( Medium ) What place does Brandon volunteer at?
  9. ( Easy ) Who is Nikki's worst enemy?
  10. ( Medium ) What color are the "Dork Diaries" books?
  11. ( Easy ) Who is the author of "Dork Diaries"?
  12. ( Medium ) What is the title of the first book?
  13. ( Hard ) On what page, in the fifth book, did Nikki decide that she was joining the newspaper staff?
  14. ( Medium ) What did Nikki, Chloe, and Zoey do that made Nikki guilty about it?
  15. ( Medium ) What idea, in the first book, did Chloe get for they're LSA projects?
  16. ( Easy ) Why does Nikki go to WCD?
  17. Last One: Comment or Rate?

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