How well do you know the Vampire Diaries?

There are many TVD fans, but only the ones who have read the books! A real TVD fan is a person wo have read every TVD book and have seen every episode of TVD!

How well do you know the Vampire Diaries? Are you a Twilight fan? Or a True Blood fan? Have watch evey single episode of TVD and squeal every time you would see Damon? If so, come on down and take this TVD Quiz!

Created by: Rebecca
  1. Who is Katherine's doppelganger?
  2. What are the Salvatore brother's names?
  3. What are the names of the Original Vampires?
  4. Who plays Rebekah?
  5. Who plays Damon Salvatore?
  6. What is Elena and Damon couple/pet name?
  7. What is Caroline and Klaus pet/couple name?
  8. Who are currently oldest living female vampires?
  9. Which Doppelganger has the most chic sense of fashion, usually curly/wavy hair and seductive?
  10. What kills Original Vampires?
  11. What is the The Vampire Diaries nickkname?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the Vampire Diaries?