Do you have Tourettes Syndrom?

You may think you have it,but do youtube? You may and don't even know it! Find out here, because I'd know! I have it myself. Take my advice, and take the quiz!

Do YOU have it? You may or may not! I don't know now, but I will once you take this quiz that determines a lot! Answer your question, and take this quiz!

Created by: SunnyDay

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you blink often?
  2. Do you twitch?
  3. When you itch yourself, do you have to do it on the other side? (Ex: Itching left leg, then right even if not itchy. Its an urge.)
  4. Do people say to you "Why did you make that face?" And you say "What face?"
  5. Do you have a sibling/relative with this syndrome?
  6. Do you ever make a random noise?
  7. Will you take my advice?
  8. Ok, well bye!
  9. Hahahaa! You thought I left :3
  10. Ok...for real.

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Quiz topic: Do I have Tourettes Syndrom?