Do you have Tourettes as bad as I do?

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I have moderate to severe Tourette's Syndrome. I want you to know if you have it as bad as I do. If not, you are one lucky son of a gun. If so, you are DOOOOOOMED.

But do you even have it? I don't think anyone is actually going to read this so I threw in this sentence to take up space. Find out how bad your Tourette's is now!

Created by: Tobi

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  1. How many times a day would you say you twitch?
  2. Do people ever comment on your tics?
  3. What is Tourettes?
  4. Are your tics painful?
  5. When did your tics begin?
  6. When you scratch an itch, do you absolutely have to do it on the other side, even if there's no itch?
  7. Does seeing someone else tic make you tic?
  8. Do your parents know about your Tourettes?
  9. Choose whichever answer pleases you.
  10. Why did you choose that?

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Quiz topic: Do I have Tourettes as bad as I do?