Do You Have Knowledge Of India?

Do you have any knowledge on India? If you have it then you have to compulsory play this game. Let's test how much you love your India. Not only Indian people can play this game but also the other people can also play this game.

Are you a person who loves India? Then we will see how can you play this game. Let's see this game in few minutes how much you love India. Please try your best.

Created by: akshra

  1. What is the capital of Maharashtra?
  2. What is the famous food in Hyderabad?
  3. Who is 2014's prime minister of India?
  4. How many states are there in India now in 2014?
  5. In which place is Kapeeleshwar Temple located?
  6. What is the currency of India?
  7. What is the smallest state in in India?
  8. How many deserts are there in India?
  9. When did India get independence?
  10. Who is the first president of India?
  11. Who is the 2014's president of India?
  12. What is the capital of Jammu and Kashmir?

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Quiz topic: Do I Have Knowledge Of India?