Emily Wants to Play Trivia

Remember when Five Nights at Freddy's was scary? Well, imagine that era times a billion, add the (actually good) jumps area of Until Dawn, subtract the cheesiness from both games and your number is equal to Emily Wants to Play.

I am absolutely in love wih this game and even when I know the jumpscacre is coming, I still fly out of my skin. But the problem with that is no one else I know shares the same joys and knowledge of the game. So maybe you do? By the way, my name is Emily, but I don't want to play.

Created by: Hi

  1. Who do you play as?
  2. What do you do when Kiki appears?
  3. What do you do when Mr. Tatters appears?
  4. What do you do when Chester appears?
  5. What do you do when Emily appears?
  6. What does the whiteboard say at 3 am?
  7. Who most often turns off the lights?
  8. What kind of doll is Chester?
  9. What does Emily's mom's doctor say will help her depression?
  10. What children's game does Mr. Tatters appear to play?
  11. What causes Emily to suddenly change?
  12. The fridge door has two sticky notes on it. One says "Pick up Emily's meds." What does the other one say?
  13. When does Mr. Tatters become active?
  14. What do Emily's parents get her that she doesn't like?
  15. How many characters are active at 4 am?
  16. What is Kiki's outfit?
  17. How many times was Emily expelled?
  18. Why was she expelled?
  19. What room do you acquire the flashlight?
  20. What is the very last thing you see in the game?

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