Do You Have A New York Accent?

What is the difference between a New York accent and a Los Angeles accent you ask? Well, for one, a New York accent is distinct in some words. There is a certain dialect in certain words.

Do you have a New York accent? Do you think you do? I'm sure you wish you do. Don't lie. You know New Yorkers are uber cool.'s OK if your not...we won't make fun. HAHA NY ROCKS!!

Created by: amazon
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  1. When you say all, does it sound like "awl"?
  2. When you say on, does it sound like "awn"?
  3. Do you say "dawn" like "dzawn"
  4. Do you switch around your "er's" and "a's"? (Ex: Christina-Christiner, or Amanda-Amander)
  5. When you say "nine", does it sound like "noine"?
  6. Do you say "bag", does the "a" rhyme with the "ea" in the word "yeah"? Sort of like "beag".
  7. When you say "book" or "good", do you actually pronounce the "oo"
  8. When you say "why" does it sound like "whoy"?
  9. When you say "long", does it rhyme with "lawng"?
  10. When you say "girl", does it sound like "goil"?

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Quiz topic: Do I Have A New York Accent?